Looking to Marry a Millionaire?

The Best Cities to Snag a Millionaire?

Let me preface this piece by saying I don’t care how much money my man makes. That’s what I have a job for: so I can buy myself all the pretty things I really, really need (OK, OK…want). But everyone has their thing, and some women like a man who has money.  Some women like a man who has power, while others like a guy with a good job. Still others require a head full of good hair, while still others simply require that a guy has three legs.

I’m going to try something different today and turn over a new leaf. I’m not going to judge. I’m not going to call a woman who seeks an affluent man is in the wrong.  Today, she gets a pass.

That is why I’m going to reference a recent study done by SeekingMillionaire.com, a site that ostensibly attempts to match up millionaire men with the gold diggers who love them. And apparently, I can’t even keep a resolution for more than one paragraph. Curses, foiled again!

Seeking a millionaire to date or marry? There's a site for that!

But anyhoo, the site says they’re actually not just listing the wealthiest men in America, but also the most eligible. The Wall Street dudes of New York City and their Upper West Side brethren naturally take the top spot, while the fast-talking entertainment types and non-struggling actors of Los Angeles are the inevitable runners-up.

Given that Chicago, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas and Austin round out the top 10, one particular thing comes to mind, and that is this: God bless Texas!

In case you’re wondering, the study is based on 89,503 single members with $1 million + in net worth. And the numbers, my friends, don’t lie.

While I’m not being judgy, I’ll say that spokesperson Jennifer Gwynn defended her site’s clientele to the Toronto Sun, saying, “For the most part, it’s women looking for successful men.”


I do not believe a man’s success is measured by his job, or how much money he has, but by his ambition, inner beauty and decency to others.

Like I was saying, everyone has their thing. It’s whatever makes you happy. I just ask that you be open, because that girl who thinks she wants a billionaire with his own G6 might be surprised to discover that she’s perfectly OK, perfectly happy and perfectly in love with the guy who comes to fix her plumbing.  Just saying.



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