Weekly Forecast September 16-22

From September 16th to the 22nd talking, writing, and all forms of communication help us sort out our own feelings as well as establish some new relationships. Time spent with others can be productive both materially and emotionally. Because we are flooded with so much new information we may be a little unbalanced for a bit. This is natural and will pass.


16th – Monday – Mercury Opposite Uranus – Dynamic tension can give us the vitality to move forward. Anger and stubbornness are unhelpful responses to the current situation. Patience is required in order to communicate new insights….and, as time passes some of our brilliant insights diminish in importance.

17th – Tuesday – Mercury Sextile Mars – When we follow the impulses of the moment we are able to communicate clearly. This is also a great time for dreaming up new plans that have our fundamental ideals as the power motivating us. Imagine your dreams as reality.

18th – Wednesday – Venus Conjunct Saturn, Venus Sextile Pluto – True love never asks, it only gives. As we mature we find a deep appreciation for things of lasting value. It’s time to sort things out and overcome fear of commitment.

19th – Thursday – The Full Moon is at 7:13 AM EDT on the 26th degree of Virgo/Pisces, Mercury Square Jupiter – Letting go of the past is the first step in building a new life. Impulsive overreach can cause a tumble. Be honest with yourself; how much can you really assimilate now?

20th – Friday – Pluto turns Direct, Venus Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune – It’s a good day to give yourself an absolute ultimatum. Set up a timeline for all of your life events over the next two months. This is a moment of seeing the big picture with some clarity.

21st – Saturday – Saturn Sextile Pluto – Even though there is a very serious feeling to all the people and circumstances we come into contact with it is important to keep in motion. We may feel like spending time alone; this is ok, but work on something. This is time to be productive with any project you deem as most important.

22nd – Sunday – Venus Contra-parallel Mars, Sun enters Libra – Loving relationships require work. Kindness and generosity help us overcome fear and intensity. Fixed attitudes are the enemy of accommodation. We want to be more of our real selves and today is a good time to practice.



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About the Author: Bob Mulligan, an astrologer with clients and students all over the world, is a celebrated astrologer, since 1974. Bob sees clients and operates THE MASTERY OF ASTROLOGY™ correspondence school. Both his chart interpretation program INDRA, and book, “BETWEEN ASTROLOGERS AND CLIENTS” receive praises. He is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail [email protected] Visit his web site, http://theastrologycompany.com. Bob writes an astrological forecast for the day, week, and month for Happiness Series.

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