Astrological Forecast – October 2013

Traditionally, October is the month for re-balancing our relationships. Libra (sign of the scales) is the place where we must decide and engineer exactly how much we give and how much we receive. This year we feel some focused urgency to do things differently.  Old methods don’t work. On the 21st, Mercury turns Retrograde in Scorpio (sign of ending); this means not only have we reached the end, we know it. So, instead of just hitting a wall, we see the value in looking for a new way.  Every other aspect of our lives has gone through several permutations over the last year; now we need new attitudes in our relationships.  Hidden ingredients surface and we can see the results of our own insufficiencies. This is not gloomy, just ponderous.  The matrix between the masculine and feminine is being profoundly disrupted so that we can build something more equitable in our everyday lives….This is happening for us personally but also in the larger canvas of world culture.

Libra is the sign of the scales, of balance.  On October 4th at 8:34 PM EDT we have a New Moon on the 11th degree of Libra Opposite Uranus (the awakener) and Square to both Pluto (lord of transformation) and Jupiter (god of abundance). So, there is a planetary lineup involving all four of the Cardinal signs.  This shows great physical activity and many events in the world. Traditionally, this is the time to realign our relationships and to make sure we are giving and receiving in the right proportions.  Because Venus (goddess of love and beauty) is in Scorpio (sign of death and rebirth) our significant contacts will go through a transformation.  This is the most central month in this long pattern of personal transformation where we really learn how to improve our relationships by changing something deep within ourselves.

This Full Moon is an Eclipse on the 18th at 7:37 PM EDT; it takes place on the 25th degree of Aries/Libra. This moment allows us to release whatever is stopping us from transforming.  Mars (god of war) is Opposite Neptune (lord of infinite compassion). We either work on perfecting ourselves or we dissipate our energy.  Venus (goddess of love) is Trine Uranus (lord of spontaneity); we improve relationships by blending self-analysis with a lighthearted adventurous innovation.  We will see this new beginning unfold gradually over the next six months.  We are ending an old pattern of thought and simultaneously placing a new valuation on various components of our lives.  This is shown most poignantly by Mercury (thought) and Saturn (discipline) being together in Scorpio (sign of taboos).  Mercury turns Retrograde in just a few days and will back up over these positions, showing that we must deal effectively with negative emotions from the past.  Shame and guilt need to be faced and eliminated or transformed.

The Sun crosses into Scorpio on October 23rd at 2:10 AM EDT. The Sun is Parallel Neptune and Contra-parallel Mars opening us up to our deepest passions. This pattern is untangled and made useful by virtue of the Sun also being Trine Neptune and Sextile Mars. We must take personal initiative to manifest our perceived higher values.  Transformation in consciousness can be quick; manifestation proving change in our lives will only emerge slowly through time.  The Moon is Contra-parallel both Mercury and Pluto. This indicates a forced reorganization of basic habits and how we strive to overcome the inertia of our ordinary methods of problem solving.



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