Pluto bound spacecraft passes by Jupiter

The whole month of September 2013 is an unwinding of things put in motion last month, climaxing with Jupiter (king of the gods) crossing over the USA Sun. Since Jupiter entered Cancer July 25th, we have been on a phenomenal build up of excitement. Jupiter remains in Cancer (sign of nostalgia) until July 16th, 2014. The USA is a Cancer country, with Venus, Jupiter, as well as the Sun, in Cancer. Cancer rules home and family and we should find this to be a good period of growth for the country. Pluto turns Direct on the 20th signaling a turning point in our approach to the material world as Pluto rules great wealth and is in Capricorn (sign of survival). Saturn Sextiles Pluto for the third time on the 21st. Since Saturn and Pluto are in each other’s signs, this is a very strong combination. We have something new emerging. This gives us opportunity to take steps to improve our material situation. Generally, anything involving Saturn or Pluto requires hard work, and the results only manifest slowly over time. This pattern is no exception, but these gods of destiny are providing us with a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop.

The New Moon is on September 5th at 7:38 AM EDT on the 13th degree of Virgo. Every year we have a New Moon in Virgo (sign of practical thought). This is the sign of hard work and repetitive actions. In the physical body Virgo rules the intestines. The role of the intestines is one of processing and discrimination. This is the way the small particles of digested food are either assimilated or sent to the colon (ruled by Scorpio) for elimination. This is the time of year where we re-evaluate and simplify. The New Moon is Trine to Pluto (god of life and death) and Sextile Jupiter (lord of luck), showing that we are having a 28 day period of reframing our lives. Because of the intense nature of this pattern, most changes now are all or nothing. With Saturn (lord of karma) Conjunct the North Node of the Moon (indicator of dharma) our life path, while deep and meaningful, requires great focus and discipline.

The Full Moon is at 7:13 AM EDT on September 19th on the 26th degree of Virgo/Pisces. Physical activity is necessary as we have a Cardinal Grand Cross which always indicates material movement. Venus (goddess of love) is Conjunct Saturn (god of boundaries); this is an indication that we need to express our love nature in a formal manner in order to have it manifest. It is a time to build relationships on firm foundations along traditional lines.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd at 4:45 PM EDT. One important feature of this chart is that Venus is Square Mars from Scorpio (sign of death) to Leo (sign of birth). The Moon in Taurus is on the South Node and Opposing Venus and Saturn on the North Node. This shows the necessity to overcome laziness and bad habits of emotional extremes. We must develop real internal muscle or we will be overwhelmed by our own inertia. With the Trine of Venus to Jupiter we will find luck in our love relationships as a byproduct of our willingness to work with painful situations when they serve a higher purpose.



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