A Dating Site For Interesting People Only? Who Judges That?

Judged In Love: Try To Join Dating Site For ‘Interesting People Only’

I have a somewhat rhetorical question for you. If a stranger asks you if you consider yourself to be ‘interesting’, you’re going to respond what…no? Of course not. At heart, we are all somewhat narcissistic. The answer to said question, just in case you aren’t following, is yes. But to join a new dating site, strangers have to consider you interesting as well.

A new website called Loveflutter is dedicated to “Dating Exclusively For Interesting People”, and from the sounds of it, their idea of “interesting” is being as simply adorkable as Zooey Deschanel.

New dating site LoveFlutter.com is only for the interesting... who decides who is interesting?

Would-be users are required to take an entrance test to determine just how “quirky-interesting” they actually are. Those who pass the test and are deemed worthy are then matched up with like-minded quirky-interesting individuals.

Questions gauge your interest in adventure sports like bungee jumping, how many languages you speak and what kind of TV you like to watch. I don’t know about you guys, but my interest in “Hannibal” might say a lot about just how interesting I actually am.

Presumably, according to Loveflutter co-founder Daigo Smith, “Loveflutter takes the nervousness out of online dating and helps people get on their first date. Using the interest graph as the matching foundation makes it easier to break the ice on your first date because you’ll have more to talk about.”

If you pass this bogus test, that is.

Dating, and online dating, in fact, can be such crapshoots anyway. There’s always that element of judgment that comes into play when meeting someone, or going out with someone, for the first time. This site just complicates matters, and potentially causes minor inferiority complexes. Who needs this drama?

I haven’t taken this test, and I don’t need to. I don’t need anyone to judge me on any level. In fact, let’s just say that I failed. I’m not interesting. And you know what, Loveflutter? I’m pretty darn happy about that.



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