September 2012 Forecast

The whole month of September shows turbulence. But unlike other months this year, the headlines and events aren’t so far removed from our everyday lives.On September 19th we have the second Uranus Square Pluto, forcing us to make basic changes in our lives.  This month, Saturn (lord of karma), finishes his two and a half year transit through Libra (sign of his exaltation). This indicates a completion of old alliances and the final fulfillment of long standing promises. Both Venus (women) and Mars (men) are strong by sign placement. They square each other on the 27th showing that deeply entrenched wounds can be the fertile ground for healing in relationships, but real improvement with others must start with ourselves.

The New Moon is on September 15th at 10:50 PM EDT at 23 degrees of Virgo. And once again we are in the midst of deep change as we complete the second of seven Uranus/Pluto Squares. The fundamental social structures of the way power works (shown by Pluto in Capricorn) are laid bare. Collectively, the people of the world are thrown into motion (shown by Uranus in Aries). The square between the two shows conflicting agendas. It is very important that we all focus on the positive goals we aspire to achieve and don’t become part of the problem by going negative to fight our “enemies”.  Find common ground.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd at 10:49 AM EDT. We are being asked to stretch beyond our normal limitations as the Sun (Self) is Quincunx (growth) Neptune (our highest ideals).  The Moon (our daily habits) is Sextile (transmuting) Saturn (the law). Through hard work we are able to re-write the rules and lay a new foundation for our own lives. Venus (love) is Square (conflict) Mars (desire); a new adjustment in our personal lives will mirror the changing dynamic between masculine and feminine energy on the planet.

The Full Moon is on September 29th at 11:18 PM EDT at 7 degrees Libra/Aries. Full Moons are a perfect time to discard aspects of our lives that can’t be brought to closure. This Full Moon comes with the Sun and Moon directly on the Uranus Square Pluto.  This shows that the evolving changes in our world become intrinsically personal.  Saturn (basic structure) is Trine (healthy linking) Neptune (god of culture); this is a time where we can actually manifest our highest ideals. Even as the old forms are being destroyed, we can see signs of our new civilization starting to emerge.




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