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It’s so easy and even indulgent to be in a negative state of mind.

When you’re negative, the adverse flow can instantly generate more gossip. Perhaps a negatively fueled conversation might seem juicier and more in-the-know. When does a tête-à-tête take negative turn? Secrets, lies, rumors and other forms of harmful discussion ultimately take place. Occasionally it’s a way to make a new friend or just simply keep the ones you have…we all know misery loves company.

It may be practically impossible to be an eternally joyful and optimistic human being wearing a smile day in and day out.  Ironically, those are the people we often bitch about.  If you’re the type of person that has a hard time differentiating between realism and pessimism, then it’s time to do some inner refashioning.

Autumn is a beautiful phase of new beginnings. Just like the changing leaves, the cooler air and plans for the impending Holiday season, it sparks a thought that like the leaves, we can change ourselves without waiting on the New Year’s resolutions we never keep.


But Fall simultaneously puts what was also once a new beginning officially to rest. Just because summer is over does not mean the vacation has to end. In fact, it’s all the more reason to celebrate and continue the quest for inner happiness while we leave the BBQ’s and head into the office.

Your timeless invitation to the soiree starts with a PMAPositive Mental Attitude.

A PMA can go a long way in the guarantee of our contentment and, well, sanity. The concept is pretty black and white.  However, the benefits of a PMA are comparable to spending time in an ideal vacation destination.

Moving forward, my Positive Mental Attitude is well on it’s way to becoming an integral part of who I am and want to be.

Although change is apparent from the outside, it starts from within…

Where will your positive mind take you?


  • Note: PMA inspiration was passed along to me by my darling friend, fashion expert and celebrity stylist Nikki Pennie.



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About the Author: Lauren Harper is an L.A. woman with East Coast blood. Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, she is an actress and writer residing in the heart of Hollywood, California. Lauren graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in French and Francophone Studies. Fast forward to 2012, she has continued to work, successfully carving a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Lauren is excited to contribute to Happiness Series with Lights, Camera…Happiness and her interview series, Lights, Camera…Interview. Lauren hopes to further enlighten herself and you with each entry. Find out more about Lauren Harper | Twitter: @TheLaurenHarper | Official Site: | e-mail: [email protected]


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