Astrology 101 – Weekly Forecast

Weekly Forecast September 19-25

By Bob Mulligan

Neptune, planet infamous for illusion & confusion

From September 19th to the 25th information is the driving force behind every action. We are all in a pattern of reevaluation. We can change our mind and our direction several times in a matter of a few days; the meaning of events now is that we are learning to free ourselves from our preconceptions and to have open minds.

19th – Monday – Sun Contra-parallel Venus – Take the time to gather all available information to make the best decisions. Work with others to establish harmony and unity of approach.

20th – Tuesday – Immediate circumstances can put us in contact with very disruptive influences. Freedom and continuity do not really fit together. Be willing to try something new while still aiming at emotional comfort.

21st – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Quincunx Neptune – Common ground can be established between everyone if we focus on basic principles. Slow, steady progress is likely to be more permanent than steps taken in haste and without forethought.

22nd – Thursday – Sun Parallel Uranus, Venus Quincunx Jupiter, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – Trying to please everyone can be costly; don’t let plans expand beyond the immediately practical or you may suffer indigestion.

23rd – Friday – Sun enters Libra, Mars Trine Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus – We take some bold steps and we can change the dynamics of circumstances around us if we are careful in our communications. Finding the right words to share our feelings can be a sign of ultimate respect which keeps on paying bid dividends for quite some time.

24th – Saturday – Sun Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Neptune – We are deeply and immediately affected by other people’s change of plans. Logical solutions will not bring needed results so we do best to rely on other more sensitive mental states. Group agreement now creates cohesion later on.

25th – Sunday – Mercury enters Libra, Sun Opposite Uranus, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune – Even though we would like to gather all points of view, some circumstances require immediate action with just partial knowledge. A truly artistic solution is one that creates a higher synthesis of the underlying ingredients.

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