Astrology 101 – Weekly Forecast

Weekly Forecast September 12-18

By Bob Mulligan

Full Moon this week

From September 12th to the 18th pressure gradually eases up and we are all given to experience a uniting of our higher ideals with our practical mind. Also, our emotions get quite a stir…we may develop a new love interest or just a new interest, period.

12th – Monday – Mercury Trine Pluto, the Full Moon is at 5:27 AM EDT – Complicated situations become simplified by swiftly finishing projects and discarding the search for the unobtainable. This is a moment of facing the truth. Stay disciplined and don’t give credence to defeatist thoughts.

13th – Tuesday – Impulsive actions can have us running in circles and accomplishing very little. This is a day of movement but recognize that not everything is as clear as we would like… so, we may have to correct what we do now in a few days.

14th – Wednesday – Venus Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Trine Jupiter, Venus enters Libra – We feel inspired to create something of value. By seeking harmony and paying attention to the well-trod path, we are able to progress. As we uncover a new fact, meaning emerges by placing this information into a commonly accepted pattern.

15th – Thursday – Smart people know when enough is sufficient and walk away from every situation while things are still improving. Take winnings and move on.

16th – Friday – Pluto turns Direct, Venus Parallel Uranus, Mercury Semi-square Mars – Energy patterns change abruptly, our emotions suddenly shift, other people are irritable or is that us? Watch what you say; words can wound as well as heal; which will it be?

17th – Saturday – Mars Quincunx Neptune, Venus Opposite Uranus, Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – If we are able to be very clear on our objectives we can take a couple of giant steps forward. Confidence runs high but it is easy to over-estimate what can be done. Don’t take on too much.

18th – Sunday – Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Square Pluto, Mars enters Leo – We are tempted to act out of our feelings as they are unusually dilated now. Reason is the best evaluator of our current situation. One step in the right direction is more important that any number in the wrong direction.



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