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Weekly Forecast for September 5-11, 2011

By Bob Mulligan

Mercury goes into Virgo this week

From September 5th to the 11th good news comes from every direction…we do best by racking up the obvious gains and then allowing time to dream and plan. People are pleasant and it is a wonderful week for giving and receiving help.

5th – Monday – Mercury Parallel Jupiter – Organizing all of life’s details around the big picture brings practical results. Having the correct amount of information coupled with sufficient attention to the overall direction allows us to make amazing progress quickly.

6th – Tuesday – If we remain relaxed and can follow the lines of least resistance this is a pleasant day. Stay on the present course and give up worrying. Feelings of insecurity and self-doubt can get us fiddling with things that should just be left alone. Many questions that emerge now are answered next weekend.

7th – Wednesday – There is someone here trying to help; notice them and accept the gift; give up control and ignore people who attack.

8th – Thursday – Mercury Opposite Neptune, Sun Semi-square Saturn, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn – Everything worth achieving takes time and patience. Be willing to go to great lengths in order to establish the truth. It is not so easy to see right now.

9th – Friday – Mercury enters Virgo, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Saturn – Fanciful thinking must give way to practical dialogue. Still, don’t sell yourself short. Be willing to go to great lengths to clarify your dreams; and then, be willing to surrender the untenable aspects of your plans.

10th – Saturday – Venus Sextile Mars, Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – Dreams are wonderful; we need them. Unfolding the story behind our vision can wait until another day. Enjoy the inspiration of the moment; let the soft arms of nature comfort you. Love can be expressed in the most practical terms.

11th – Sunday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Saturn – If we are able to control our impulses and keep moving, then open mindedness and discipline will reveal a new method of approaching long standing problems. A solution is at hand if we are brave enough to utilize what we see.

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