Astrology 101 – September 2011 Forecast

Astrological Forecast for September 2011

By Bob Mulligan

The autumn sky with Jupiter & her moons


We are pulled toward viewing the world in a new manner all of September.

Our personal lives reflect the frustrations the country and the world at large have been experiencing. The good news is that there are lots of practical steps that can be implemented to unite our energy with realizable projects. There are so many twists and turns during September we will have the feeling of being on a series of different rides at an amusement park. What may seem like a bunch of disconnected experiences slowly gather together and by the end of the month we are able to achieve some sense of higher understanding of the real circumstances.

The Jupiter/Pluto Trine (showing practical abundance) is stimulated by the Sun and Mercury early in the month. This gives us a feeling of being able to win. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun activate the Pluto /Uranus Square, during the second half of the month. This is a wake up call; the old methods don’t work; we need to try something new. Pluto (lord of life and death) is active all month and changes direction from Retrograde to Direct showing the great intensity applied to fundamental structures. Mars (god of energy) moves from passive Cancer to active Leo indicating that the time to act has arrived.

Pluto bound spacecraft passes by Jupiter

The Full Moon on September 12th at 5:27 AM EDT happens with the Sun in hardworking Virgo and the Moon in mystical Pisces. Mercury (messenger of the gods) forms a grand Trine in earth (practicality) with the two gods of wealth, Jupiter and Pluto. As Pluto ends his 20 week Retrograde period and turns Direct, this becomes a time of consolidating gains and then discarding what isn’t assimilated. Between this Full Moon and the next New Moon we will be taking care of basic everyday concerns; we will be left with some new routines in place. Although we are experimenting with new ways of being, the tension between faith (Pisces/Neptune) and reason (Virgo/ Mercury) is easing off in favor of the intensely practical and immediate concerns.

The Sun crosses into Libra on September 23rd at 5:05 AM EDT. This is the moment of the Autumnal Equinox. A chart for this time is used to view world events for the next three months. The two most important significators in this horoscope are: The Sun in hard aspect to Uranus and Pluto, and Moon/Mars Conjunction Trining Uranus. The Sun stimulating the Uranus/Pluto Square shows that the old ways of solving problems will be discarded out of necessity. With Venus (money) Conjunct Saturn (debt) in Libra (harmony and balance) in the 2nd house (money and debts) we will be preoccupied with financial matters. However, with Mars (initiative) Conjunct the Moon (the public) Trining Uranus (unique events) in the 8th house (revenue from assets), we will see a new creative approach to solving universal financial issues.

The New Moon is on September 27th at 7:10 AM EDT. Venus (goddess of love) is the final dispositor of this moment showing that we are reaching a point of harmony and accord. Because we have five planets in Libra Sextiling Mars (as well as Square Pluto and Opposite Uranus) individual drive and personal effort are necessary in order to make this movement to peace and justice a reality. Collectively we obtain a higher order of organization through embracing a new level of consciousness.

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