Astrology for August 2018


Our good intentions envisioned in July unravel. Surprisingly, August turns out to be the central month in 2018.  The Solar Eclipse on the 11th gives an extra blast of energy, either squelching or boosting projects from last month. Mars Retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th, providing the stability we need in order to utilize our energy more efficiently.  Mars (god of war) is finally backing away from the South Node of the Moon (impulsive action) in Aquarius. It has been there for more than a month.  For a while, we will have a reprieve as disagreements won’t so readily lead to confrontations.  Mercury (messenger of the gods) turns direct in Leo (sign of the heart) on the 19th.  We will have an opportunity to clear up misunderstandings, initiate new plans, promote our own projects.  Jupiter (king of the gods) Trines Neptune (infinite bliss) on the 19ththis culminates a period of spiritual blessing that started last November.  This month is the center of the bell curve of this aspect which has been with us, on again off again, sense starting.  Luck is on our side; if  we know its application, we fly under the radar and accomplish much.  Mars turns direct on the 27th.  We have a narrow window to accomplish practical tasks over the next two weeks.  We do best to keep our heads down while completing that big project.

 The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse on August 11th at 5:48 AM EDT on 18o 42’ of Leo.  Eclipses are always a powerful force for change; this one is very strong with the Sun in his own rulership, and at the fulcrum point of a finger of god aspect, being Quincunx both Pluto and Neptune.  This shows deep, fundamental changes going on behind the scenes; only the future will reveal its profundity.  With Mercury in Leo rising before the Sun, and Square Jupiter and Quincunx Neptune, our projections are apt to overshoot the mark.  Reining in expectations is a balancing act; we want to be practical without sacrificing our vision of truth. Venus (goddess of love) is in her own sign (Libra) Squaring Saturn (letter of the law).  Venus is also Trine Mars on the South Node of the Moon, showing our propensity to cry for freedom while running away from responsibilities.   This Eclipse is Semi-square Venus and Sesquiquadrate Saturn, pointing us toward tremendous underlying potential.  We need to assess what must be changed, then put our wheels into motion until the job is done.

 The Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd at 12:09 AM EDT.  Even though Mercury (planet of communication) turned direct a few days ago, with the Moon leaving a Retrograde Saturn and applying to a Retrograde Mars, all in Capricorn (sign of karma), we can expect many redoes between now and the Fall Equinox on September 22nd.  The Sun in Virgo month is meant for concentrating on the details of work. With the Sun Trine Saturn we strive for efficiency.  Mercury in Leo Sextile Venus can give us the grace to take time with others.  Difficult aspects to Jupiter and Neptune remind us to be careful, to expect more from ourselves, and less from others.

 The Full Moon is on August 26th at 7:56 AM EDT at 3o of  Virgo/Pisces. During the transit of the Sun through Virgo, we are asked to examine the little things in our lives that may have big implications in our forward movement.  Every Full Moon is an opportunity to illuminate where we have been, what we have created, and to make changes. With Saturn closely Trine and Sextile this Full Moon, traditional procedures bring comfort while helping eliminate waste,  At the same time our distant ideals remain undamaged.  If we are patient and avoid overextension we make practical progress toward our overall objectives


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