Weekly Astrology August 7-13, 2017

 From August 7th to the 13th new opportunities are before us.  It is tempting to jump into new circumstances and new projects, but we will suffer down the road if we haven’t completed what we already have in motion.  We should take the time to give and receive the love that is all around us; this is much more important than the fleeting cares of the daily grind.

7th – Monday – The Full Moon Eclipse comes at 2:11 PM EDT on the 15th degree of Leo/Aquarius –  Physical tension can contribute to an already difficult moment.  As we adjust our attitude to our circumstances, we can see more clearly what needs to be done.  This is a great time to meditate, pray, and set intentions.  Release from the past comes as we relax and accept what is.

 8th – Tuesday – Venus Contra-parallel Saturn –  A good reality check now is to make sure that we aren’t separated from close friends and family because of differences in beliefs.  Differences in politics, religion, and philosophy of life can enrich us or bring out conflict.  It’s a time to accept other people in spite of our different life experiences.

 9th – Wednesday – Sun Quincunx Pluto – Uncomfortable and unhelpful feelings emerge if we jump to conclusions.  Holding fixed opinions can stifle innovations.  In order to grow we need to relax, be forgiving, and enjoy the stubbornness of the moment.

 10th – Thursday – Mercury Sextile Venus, Mars Quincunx Neptune, Sun Sextile Jupiter –  Take a giant step forward and explain what you are doing to those around you.  Hubris or power tripping others can find us snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Make room for others to shine; a little humility goes a long way toward finding a winning combination for everyone.

11th – Friday – Uranus Semi-square Neptune –  It is difficult to align our actions with our thoughts and feelings.  We can be pulled in several directions at once.  There are a few bumps in the road but we land where we belong if we keep our focus on the genuine goodness in everyone, including ourselves. 

12th – Saturday – Venus Trine Neptune, Mercury turns Retrograde –  Emotional impressions are strong and we find the wind in our face.  It’s a great time to take stock of where we have been and be satisfied to consolidate our gains.  Self doubt emerges if we aren’t careful when making and communicating plans.

 13th – Sunday – Sun Trine Saturn –  Being well organized and disciplined builds self-confidence.  Sustained effort brings an opportunity to shine. Being comfortable with our circumstances allows us time to relax and enjoy life.


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