Astrology for August 2017

With two Eclipses and a Retrograde Mercury, this August is more drama than the usual Sun transiting through Leo.  The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th sets the stage for later happenings coming at the time of the Solar Eclipse on August 21stBoth Eclipses have a prominent Mars (god of war) in Leo (sign of ego).  This shows that there will be no lack of enthusiasm for a personal point of view, general lack of patience, and impending conflict.  Jupiter Squares Pluto one last time on August 4th; the first one was November 2016 (right after the US elections), the second March 2017.   The events of the world at these two previous Squares have laid the groundwork for what must happen in the world now. Uranus (god of abrupt change) in Aries (sign of initiation) is Semi-square Neptune (lord of illusion) in Pisces (his rulership) on the 11th.   This shows a conflict between our aggressive instincts and our higher values.  Mercury turns Retrograde on August 12th and turns Direct on September 5th.  Retrogrades usually mean looking back over where we have been.  With Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all Retrograde (Saturn turning direct on the 25th), this will be more than just a trip down memory lane.  This is a time of “chickens coming home to roost.”  Eclipses are always a good time for meditation, setting intentions, and for prayers.  It is very easy to get swept up in world events during August this year, but we develop ourselves by focusing our attention on what we can meaningfully affect.  This means starting with our own lives and looking where we can do some good.

The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse on the 15th degree of Leo/Aquarius at 2:10 PM EDT on August 7th.  Mars (lord of passion) is with the Sun, so it Opposes the Moon (the public).  The 15th degree of the Fixed signs and 0 degrees of Cardinal signs are called the World Point.  Things happening here have wide reaching implications for the whole planet.  The two rulers of Aquarius (Saturn and Uranus) form a Grand Trine in fire with the Leo North Node of the Moon.  Mercury in Virgo is Opposite Neptune in Pisces.  There is much confusion, but if we can hold true to what we know to be factual, we will be fine.  We are setting the stage for bigger things to come.

 The New Moon is a Total Eclipse at 28 degrees 52 minutes of Leo at 2:30 PM EDT on August 21st.  The North Node of the Moon is right between the Eclipse and Mars. The Eclipse is four degrees on one side and Mars four degrees on the other.  This is powerful.  Because this Eclipse bisects the USA and is visible from coast to coast, it has gotten much attention.  Venus is in a Cardinal Grand Cross with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.  Even though Eclipses act out over a number of years, we will see much activity right at this time as people are feeling stirred up, impulsive, and fortunate or, even lucky.  The next couple of weeks will be wild. 

The Sun enters Virgo August 22nd at 6:21 PM EDT.  This map shows the events and temperament until the Sun goes into Libra, which will be our Fall Equinox on September 22ndThe most interesting features of this chart are the balance of elements and conflicting planetary alignments.  There is only one planet, Mars, in a fixed sign.  This should indicate lack of stability and a desire for change.  Interestingly, Mars (planet of desire) is in Leo, Conjunct the Moon’s North Node and Trining both Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future).  This indicates a desire for slow transition.  However, with the Cardinal Grand Cross (Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus) it is likely circumstances will dictate a certain urgency.  With the majority of planets in earth signs and Mercury (ruler of Virgo) Retrograde, we are reviewing events gone by and looking for practical solutions generated by past happenings.  The Moon has just crossed over Mercury and is headed towards Jupiter showing that we are likely to see a positive outcome by taking a closer look at where we have been.  Both Mercury and the Moon are in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces indicating that we have real strife between what we would like to be the case and what the facts indicate.  For each of us, now is the time to be honest with ourselves and see where our efforts will really matter.


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