Weekly Forecast August 26-31

Weekly Astrological Forecast August 26-31

From August 26th to the 31st we take comfort in traditional values, things, and people; while at the same time being intrigued by the new opportunities that come our way.  When disagreements emerge, see this as an opportunity to deal with deeply embedded underlying issues.  Real solutions are here now; you just have to keep digging.

26th – Monday – Venus Opposite Uranus, Sun Opposite Neptune – Getting a clear picture of what is going on is quite difficult.  We can be distracted from our main obligations by beautiful ideals.  To dream of things unseen is not a waste of time but it is important to keep our far off visions in perspective.

27th – Tuesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Venus Square Jupiter, Mars enters Leo – Our ideals are grounded as we find practical applications for them.  Simplifying our lives is a way of securing that we don’t build beyond our foundations.

28th – Wednesday – Mercury Trine Pluto, Sun Parallel Mercury – Something that we have spent significant energy developing comes to fruition. Deep insight and diligent effort bring substantive results.

29th – Thursday – Mercury Quincunx Uranus – Nervous enthusiasm can throw our timing off.   New ideas are not necessarily better ideas.  Sometimes a brush with a new person, concept, or opportunity serves the purpose of letting us know how lucky we are with where we are and what we have right now.

30th – Friday – Sun Sextile Saturn, Mercury Sextile Jupiter – Hard work and self discipline can bring us into alignment with our own higher consciousness.  When we desire to speak the truth we make swift progress on all our various tasks.

31st – Saturday – Mercury Contra-parallel Venus – With a little more effort and consistency of purpose, we are able to bring harmony to differing groups of people in our lives.  This is a time to seek peace.



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