Weekly Forecast August 5-11

Weekly Astrological Forecast for August 5-11

From August 5th to the 11th we are gearing up for a new adventure.  It is easy to be swept away by forces beyond our control. Accept the instability which is just a byproduct of the forces of necessary change.

5th – Monday – We are coasting on familiar ideas until we see that they don’t really work anymore.  Taking a few brave steps we arrive at a detour and then experiment.

6th – Tuesday – The New Moon is at 5:51 PM EDT at 14 degrees of Leo – We have reached the end of a long process and are taking a few moments to catch our breath before starting off in a new direction.  We cautiously move forward.

7th – Wednesday – Jupiter Opposite Pluto – We all have the feeling that someone else is really in control.  Big plans move around us and we are easily swept up in the tide of circumstances.  Avoid confrontations when nothing of value is at stake and be willing to defend the things that have lasting importance.

8th – Thursday – Mercury enters Leo, Venus Semi-square Saturn – Pride, hurt feelings, and fear canblock us from doing the right thing.  We should be willing to negotiate over minor details while keeping conversant with all the changes in our immediate environment.

9th – Friday – Venus Parallel Uranus – Harmony is found by taking a pioneering approach to old problems.  Find joy in everyday activities.  Embrace the new.

10th – Saturday – Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mars Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Quincunx Neptune – Wise people know when to be patient and when to act.  Today requires both planning and execution.  Keep the focus on long term emotional fulfillment.  Life is a great teacher but we have to listen in order to learn.

11th – Sunday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Square Saturn – Deep passion propels us toward our goals.  Emotional responses are appropriate but check facts before committing to a course.





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