Weekly Forecast August 12-18

Weekly Astrological Forecast for August 12-18

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From August 12th to the 18th our minds ignite with the fire of inspiration.  We need patience and hard work to bring our new insights to manifestation.  Even though other people are in our lives, much of what we are working on is deep within the incubator of our own future plans.

12th – Monday – Sun Semi-square Mars – Corrective adjustments are necessary in order to pull away from the debris of the past.  There is tremendous enthusiasm but not everything can be accomplished at once.

13th – Tuesday – Mercury Quincunx Pluto – It is difficult to accomplish very much when there is any misrepresentation or dishonesty.  Be part of the solution and treat others with respect.

14th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury Trine Uranus – New ideas and keen insight emerge as actions and conversations become instantaneous laboratories for innovation.  Share ideas and be willing to self-correct.

15th – Thursday – We move forward with leaps of joy and spontaneous enthusiasm.  Basic procedures go out the window as new methods require a massive overhaul.  Pacing conversations is difficult as so much excitement keeps us in a brainstorming mode.

16th – Friday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, Venus enters Libra, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto – Small adjustments bring us closer to the people we care about most.  Challenges to authority can easily backfire.  Peace is achieved by standing firm without emotional eruptions.  A calm hand wins the day.

17th – Saturday – Smooth sailing accompanies us if we stay on the well worn path.  Take time for yourself.  There is comfort in silence and time alone.

18th – Sunday – Pent up anger and suppressed emotions can explode.  Make sure that you are being clear and that you have not lost your emotional equilibrium.  Take note of controversy and try to avoid reacting to other people’s outbursts.





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