Summer’s Over: Why Labor Day Is Actually A Good Thing

Fun in the sun is done…temporarily

When I was little, Labor Day was a tragedy. It signified the end of summer, going back to school and the end of lazy days doing just as a I pleased. As an adult, this holiday doesn’t have the same significance, obviously. I haven’t had a completely lazy day in a dog’s age. So in my humble opinion, bring on Fall!

And for all those singletons who are ruing the end of bikinis and bathing suits, cocktails on the beach (though hopefully sex on the beach isn’t your favorite double entendre) and fun in the sun, seriously, don’t be sad. Summer is the very worst time to meet someone. Chalk it up to all that skin, all those options and all those endless summer nights.

I used to spend summers on Martha’s Vineyard, and sometimes would stay past high season. The island, much as the tragic ABC Family show “The Vineyard” suggests, is a veritable hookup bacchanalia from May through August. When the summer kids leave, those who stay on island hurry like hell to find a partner to settle down with for the winter. And then (now always, there are always exceptions to every rule) come April, said involved parties are right back to being single again. Funny, that.

Gorgeous Martha's Vineyard

So the Vineyard is an exception — temptation here in the form of scantily clad co-eds — is just too great for many people. But in general, the end of summer implies its time to stop messing around.

OK, yes, I’m in a relationship now, but even when I was single, I was always ready for autumn. There’s something about cooler days, wearing more clothing (although in Southern California, clothing is minimal at the best of times) and a return to darker days that has the East Coaster in me swooning.

For those of you who are still single after summer and mourning the loss of prime man-meeting time, remember that the quality of the guy you’ll meet in months of non-playtime is substantially higher. Also remember that Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons…which means more than enough prime opportunities to meet a guy, albeit one wearing slightly more clothing. If that doesn’t make you happy, I’m not sure what will!

Go, fight, win indeed.




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