Astrological Forecast for August 2013

August 2013 Astrological Forecast

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Whereas July was a month of innovation and renewal, August is a month of contradiction on the surface and cohesion at a very deep level.  We are both expanding on innovations from last month and simplifying our journey by eliminating baggage and beliefs that have outlived their usefulness.  The biggest astrological phenomenon this month is Jupiter Opposite Pluto on the 7th and completing a T-square by Squaring Uranus on the 21st. This shows the unraveling of circumstances in world events and the skyrocketing of financial markets in the USA. It’s temporary.  There is inherent instability but much excitement to enjoy.  The wisest people will just observe from the sidelines and help where they can.

The New Moon is on August 6th at 5:51 PM EDT on the 14th degree of Leo. Leo is the sign of the stage, the ego, ruled by the Sun which stands at the center of our solar system; this month is always a time of taking care of our self.  The most prominent feature of this map is Jupiter (king of the gods) in aspect to five other planets. With half of the planets in empathic water signs our sensitivity is greatly increased.  We are realizing the connectedness of all life at the very moment when we are moved to secure our own place in the Sun.  Each one of us has unique value and at the same time, our core is identical.

The Full Moon is on August 20th at 9:45 PM EDT on the 28th degree of Leo/Aquarius. We are discarding old worn out patterns of behavior as Jupiter finishes his Opposition to Pluto and Squares Uranus leading us bravely on, to embrace the revolution in consciousness that is upon us.Venus (goddess of love and harmony) closing in on this aspect pattern shows that we need a new consciousness in order to find a winning formula that allows us all to evolve.  Change is inevitable, but will we be able to preserve the solid foundations developed during our recent past?  This is the challenge.

The Sun crosses into Virgo on August 22nd at 7:02 PM EDT. This solar month is one of tremendous outpouring of energy and emotion.  The Moon (world mother) is applying to a Trine to Mars (god of war); this shows that we will put our effort behind our key project with immense enthusiasm and thereby achieve results.  The Sun is Trine Pluto (lord of the underworld) and Sextile Saturn (lord of karma) showing that discipline and hard work are necessary; but also, we are required to jettison so many dearly held ideas in order to move forward.  It is a month of simplifying.




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