Weekly Forecast August 13-19

From August 13th to the 19th intervening forces present us with new options and time sensitive choices. Falling back on tried and true methods will only be disappointing. Innovate; be comfortable with uncertainty and spontaneity. Things settle down soon.

The autumn sky with Jupiter & her moon

13th – Monday – Concentrating on emotional issues and our personal lives bring rewards. The larger picture of what is going on in the world can be frustrating. We are happiest when we keep our attention on friends and family.

14th – Tuesday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto – Too much force brings negative results. Things fall apart unless we fulfill our function in maintaining continuity of experience for the people around us.

15th – Wednesday – Venus Opposite Pluto, Mars Conjunct Saturn, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus – We are tempted to discard our responsibilities and head off in a new direction. Steady application of energy, discipline, and detachment brings amazing results; anger will lead to disappointment.

16th – Thursday – Venus Square Uranus – Rapidly developing circumstances can encourage us to give up our comfortable situation.  Anything requiring immediate attention is suspect. Get more information before acting.

17th – Friday – Sun Sextile Saturn, the New Moon is at 11:54 AM at 25 degrees of Leo — We have an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. Assiduous attention to our true responsibilities frees us; hard work pays dividends.

18th – Saturday – Mercury Quincunx Pluto, Mercury Trine Uranus – Conversation means more than action. Prodding others to do things our way is counter-productive. However, a brilliant flash of insight can show us a higher way of achieving our goals with or without others.

19th – Sunday – Sometimes we hit a dead end and have to switch directions just to keep our lives in some semblance of homeostasis. Preparation for change can put us in the position of being able to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities.




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