Surfing the Cosmic Wave

Finding Grace… Surfing that Cosmic Wave

This supernova shock wave sends out cosmic rays

By Peter Ferko

Tantra Yoga ascribes the beginning of this iteration of the universe to the same event that physicists now assign it: the Big Bang. I say iteration, because both Yoga and science describe a cycle from beginning to end to beginning again, so this Big Bang will someday have a successor.

To make this practical from the get go and not worry you that this is an astronomy lecture, let me give away the punch line: being aware of the nature of the universe is good for you!

There’s a word in Sanskrit that means, “what results from the Big Bang,” i.e., all the action of the universe. The word is karma. Unlike the humorous interpretations that have to do with someone getting their payback, karma, thought of at the cosmic level, is the action that we are all participating in — the action begun at the moment of the Big Bang.

The Big Bang

When you see yourself as part of the action of the universe, a wave in the complex currents of time and matter, it’s easier to feel that your part of that action — your karma — is perfect. And being perfect is definitely a key to happiness (if you are aware of your perfection)! With that perspective, everyone has a role, and everyone’s role is a contributing segment of the whole — all equally important.

Our job is to try to remain aware of the Truth — that we are part of this oneness, which through an event became the whole of the universe. With that awareness, and the inspiration our connection to the source of the universe brings (though practices like meditation), we can face whatever the karma places in front of us with the greatest grace and effectiveness.

The knowledge that your job is to do whatever is in front of you as well as you can takes a huge amount of pressure off in terms of figuring things out, having regrets, having anxiety. That’s why masters seem so light-hearted regardless of their circumstances. They caught the cosmic wave and are just doing what’s necessary to enjoy the ride!

How to get there:

1) Do a meditation practice that helps still the mind. (You can learn one from a teacher or use one of the practices described in Happiness Series). The more consistently you practice, the easier it will be to get to step 2.

2) When your mind becomes quiet, direct your focus to the middle of your brain (ajna chakra) and surrender to what comes, like letting sleep come while staying aware. At first, lots of thoughts will come, but with regular practice, the thoughts will still and you will begin to get a sense of what is there at the source.

Good luck!

Cosmic MicroWave (from the NASA/Science Library


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About the Author: Peter Ferko, (, writes about finding “Grace” in everyday life for Happiness Series. He pursues happiness on several fronts. He has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and is a teacher at ISHTA Yoga in New York where he trains new teachers. He is an artist in several media, including writing, photography, music, and graphic design. His latest project is a novel in which the main characters are all looking for a way to gracefully negotiate their lives, and it’s no surprise they are turning to yoga as a path. Peter’s work can be found at

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