Q & A with Tony LeRoy

Happiness Series Q & A with intuitive counselor Tony LeRoy

Tony LeRoy has been our featured guest in Seasons 1 and 2 because of the depth of his insights, compassion and empathy. We at Happiness Series have all grown and found an expansiveness in our lives because of his teachings on our videos. And it seems we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of the great Tony LeRoy. Tony was featured in August 2012’s Marie Claire for his work as an intuitive counselor, helping others find their paths to greater joy and fulfillment. In our videos I always find that Sheila and Tony have fantastic chemistry, and together they’ve shed a light on ways to find greater happiness and joy in all our lives. We hope to keep working with him, on our show, on radio and on retreats into the future, for years to come.

We recently asked Tony our Happiness Series Q & A. And it was so interesting we had to break it into 2 parts. Feel free to send us your questions for Tony or anyone on our show. And check out Tony’s site for more information about him and his technique, and to schedule an appointment. Change your life today.

Q: During a reading what happens?

A: During a session the first thing I utilize is my empathic ability, where I feel what’s going on with a client, and then I get clarity through my guides. And if there’s a question of timing I use numerology. And then my guides and your guides interact to give me the answers.

Q: Did someone mentor you or was this all self-discovery?

A: There’s that thing that when the student is ready the teacher shows up. I’ve had a lot of different mentors, spiritual and other wise, and great teachers. And there are times when people would just come up to me on the street and give me amazing insights. My biggest teachers: 1. your guides and 2. my clients.

Q: What were your doubts when you first started giving readings as an intuitive counselor/psychic?

A: Being that I was so young, I felt that maybe I wasn’t qualified to counsel people. I was around 19, and I was afraid. But the response was so great that I became more confident. I am my own biggest critic. In the beginning, there was a feeling that at times what I was saying wasn’t even valid because it was so out there.

Q: Can you read anyone?

A: No. Most people I can read but there have been people that I’ve not gotten anything, and I can’t read them. I tell them to consult someone else. Why can’t I read them? It could be anything. Most often it’s that they have a block but it could be whatever situation they’re going through I can’t get past my personal filters, my personal history. The person may not be ready to hear whatever information is coming from me. They’re not ready to hear whatever I have to say. There are some people that are really invested in being where they are and don’t want to hear…

Q: Is there an instance when you were ever far-off, wrong? What happened? Why?

A: Yes. All the time. I can only receive the information. It’s how I perceive the information. I say I have 80% accuracy. The information comes, it’s how I perceive it, and my perception is based on my ego, my life experience. I don’t know everything.

Q: How do skype and phone readings work for you? You don’t need to be in front of the person to do have accurate reading? Why is that?

A: There is no time; there is no space. So when I connect with someone for me it’s like they’re right there in the room. When I connect with a person, even when the person is via skype/phone there is a deep connection. I feel connected to people regardless how far they’re away. It’s why I can do readings on radio, skype, phone and email.

Q: How strong is our energy field that you’re able to read people over the phone and via skype?

A: I feel a lot from people. I don’t necessarily know that it matters how strong their energy field is because I’m able to connect; I’m empathic. So I’m able to connect with your future child who has no energy field. I’m able to receive that information. But if a person does have a strong energy field it makes for an easier reading. Many people have strong energy fields. Celebrities do because there’s a lot of attention on them so their fields grow. People who constantly work on their belief systems (good and bad) have strong energy fields. Kids have huge energy fields because they’re so open. People who do things unconditionally for others have large energy fields.

Q: You do group readings? What’s that like?

A: Really fun. I love my lovely groups. I love working with groups of people. When I answer a question for one individual it seems that answer resonates with others. When a group comes together it seems that they come together for a certain benefit, and the whole group benefits. There’s a field of intention or energy when a group of people come together. It’s a very powerful thing. There’s a certain vibration to a group, and everyone receives healing information in that field.

Q: Have you discovered who your guides are?

A: Yeah. And when I was really young people would say that I looked really old in reading mode; I take on the voices, mannerisms of my guides.

Q: Do you know how many guides you have?

A: The number of guides changes but I know of 4 primary guides that I work with all the time. There are guides that come in for short periods of time based on what I need in my life, if I’m going through a type of evolution or struggle. Or if there’s something that I need to learn. And I can immediately tell if it’s a new guide. The funny thing is that I actually forget to ask my guides for help even as I advise others to ask theirs for guidance… the irony.

Q: Are there clear signs we’re not alone, that we have helping hands like angels or guides?

A: Yes. All the time. Clear signs can be a feeling of peace in times of struggle. A message flashes into your mind or a dream appears to give you clear answers. If your guides are trying to answer you but you don’t know how to receive the information, sometimes the answer will come in a dream. If you meditate a tremendous amount of information will come from the guides. If you have a question and a song plays about that, there are your guides.

Q: What are the signs the guides are helping us to evolve?

A: I believe there are signs the guides are helping us to evolve all the time. The guides are part of our soul family, and as we evolve they evolve. We make a pact with our guides before we are born. It’s such a privilege to be born because we burn through so much karma, and so as we evolve the collective family evolves. As we evolve we’re healing our DNA family and karmic connections we have with other people, and our soul family.




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