Q & A with Tony LeRoy, Part 2

Part 2 of our Q & A with Tony LeRoy. Send us your comments, questions and more for Tony and anyone else on our show. We’d love to hear from you. And check out August 2012’s Marie Claire, featuring Tony! Great article about one our favorite featured guests!

Q: What’s the craziest vision you’ve ever had?

A: There are three that stick out in my mind. The first was when I was about 16. In one moment I saw when my soul decided to come back to earth and why. And the second was the scariest one, a huge amalgamation of souls almost coming through me, a huge, vast kind of darkness. This happened a week before 9/11. And then the third was when I was 20 or 21. My scariest experience was when I did a reading, and I first felt what it was like to have cancer.

Q: When you’re working through other people’s stuff with them, does it help you evolve?

A: My soul’s service is to be a healer. Healing helps me to evolve and grow.

Q: How does being intuitive/psychic help you, personally, going through your day?

A: I have this overwhelming sense of trust that I’m taken care of and that I’m on the right path and that anything that shows up in my life is there to teach and guide me.

Q: What’s it like being in a relationship with someone? Is romance easier because you have the answers or harder?

A: Relationships with anyone serve as a way of helping both people evolve. In a relationship I deal with all the issues everyone deals with… Sometimes it’s easier because I can communicate what’s going on to myself and my partner, and sometimes it’s harder because I can perceive something that’s going on that my partner can’t. Relationships are hard sometimes and heartbreaking, and they’re a gift because they’re the most heart opening experience.

Q: What’s your advice that you follow for those of us in a romantic relationship or looking for a life partner?

A: My advice is to keep your heart open at all times regardless how it exciting or how scary it may seem. When we close our hearts we become contracted and from that contracted place we’re not able to listen and feel. For a person looking for a relationship allowing yourself to be vunerable and receptive to receiving love is key.

Q: Is your family accepting of your gift and your work?

A: I wouldn’t use the word accepting. A lot of my family does’t understand it. We don’t really talk about it.

Q: What’s your vision for the planet?

A: My vision is that everyone learn to be more compassionate, that we all recognize that the planet is a living being and our mother, and that we should take care of her. She takes care of us.

Q: What do you think will happen to us and the planet?

A: Sadly, I think it will get ugly before it gets better, and we are in that time that we’re starting to see the ugliness. At the end of it, I see us all coming together and working in harmony.

Q: What’s your vision for your own life and work?

A: I would like to continue doing what I’m doing in a way that reaches many more people. And I would like to eventually create a space where people can learn to take care of themselves on all levels, to assist other healers to find the right flow and connection. A school, center, retreat, kid’s camp. Sensitive kids don’t have a place where they can be understood. I’d like to to teach that it’s okay to be sensitive.

Q: What’s your goal for you, in your life?

A: My primary goal is to continue to whisper greatness to other people’s hearts. My second goal is to reflect back to people their greatness. And the third is to create a school of thought, especially for children. The fourth is to keep my heart open.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your day?

A: Seeing how doing what I do creates deep transformation in someone else. Meeting incredible people and knowing that they’re a reflection of all that’s good in the world.




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