Fake it till you make it… in love

Guess What? Men Can Fake Orgasms, Too

Newsflash (not): Women fake orgasms. Bigger newsflash (and far more surprising): So do men. According to a recent study by Askmen.com and Tressugar.com, 26% of 49,000 males polled admitted that sometimes their big finish is just an act. Who knew?

When I read this particular fact, all I could think about was that iconic scene in When Harry Met Sally. You know the one: Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are sitting in Katz’s Deli. He says there is simply NO WAY he wouldn’t know if his partner between the sheets just wasn’t feeling it. She proves him wrong. Cue director Rob Reiner‘s mother: “I’ll have what she’s having”. Everyone has a giggle.

But what if the tables had been turned? I certainly wouldn’t have believed it when I was younger. Aren’t, like, all men horny all the time and stuff? Don’t men think about sex approximately every seven seconds?

Well, no, apparently, they don’t. In fact, the older I get, the more I appreciate that it is actually women who seem to have the stronger sex drive, while men only think they do. Even youngish guys in their forties need Viagra to get an erection, for Pete’s sake.

That being said, I think we might need to be a little forgiving to guys. Sometimes we’re just not feeling it, and so we pretend so that we don’t hurt their feelings. Well, more than half of the guys polled revealed that they fake it for the same reasons, which, overall, is making me feel a bit magnanimous to the male gender at the moment.

If we can’t physically make you happy, thanks for offering us the same courtesy we give you and at least allowing us to think we do.



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