Astrological Forecast for August 2012

The whole month has the flavor of integration and assimilation even as we take some new steps forward.  After the feverish temperament of July, August seems much less stressful.  However, with Mercury (god of thinking) turning Direct and making many aspects from his current position in Leo (sign of self), we are struggling to overcome fears, prejudices, and negative mental habits. This autumn is going to require much energy and many adjustments; it’s best to take some time for yourself and your private life.  In the professional arena, time is most productively spent in planning and taking care of our foundations.

The Full Moon on the 1st is at 11:29 PM EDT at 10 degrees of Leo/Aquarius. We measure where we have been and how far we have to go.Jupiter (god of luck) is in easy aspect tothis Full Moon. Good news is present and we can find it if we look. Mars (god of war) and Uranus (god of infinite knowledge) are in energizing positions and can give us the courage to progress with new ideas even as we discard old ones.

The New Moon on the 17th is at 11:25 AM EDT at 25 degrees of Leo, ushering in a new month which encourages us to express ourselves and be authentic. Leo is the sign of self display. BothSaturn (lord of discipline) and Mars (lord of desire) are in Sextile to the New Moon showing us the way to improve our current life situation. As Saturn and Mars are in Libra (sign of relationships), we need to include others in our vision of a better future.  This is a time of brilliant insight and taking bold leaps in consciousness as Mercury (lord of thinking) is Trine Uranus (god of infinite thought).

The Sun enters on the 22nd at 1:07 PM EDT. This solar month will be one where we have to keep rechecking our resources.  This is so important because our direction is not entirely clear at the moment and we have to change our orientation several times during the next four weeks.  This is all part of a vast cultural shift which entails a massive universal change in consciousness.  We are becoming used to doing things a new way, or thinking with different mental tools.

August’s second Full Moon is on the 31st at 9:59 AM EDT at 8 degrees of Pisces/Virgo.  Sun Trine Pluto and Sextile the Moon facilitate the process of letting go of everything from the past that is slowing us down. This emptying out process is a necessary step preceding the final integration of our new mental capabilities.  This is necessary for the intuitive mind to become intensely practical and immediately useful.



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