Weekly Forecast July 8-14

From July 8th to the 14th family and home become the center of our attention if we are in tune with the moment. Lucky breaks are everywhere; we just have to look for them. Giving support to our foundations in life feels right.

Andromeda Galaxy

8th – Monday – Saturn Stationary Direct, the New Moon is at 16 degrees of Cancer at 3:15 AM EDT – Our thoughts are colored by things and people long gone; a nostalgia lingers. Our emotional pulse determines the rhythm of our current activities. An expectation that our needs can be met if we just change something propels us to do some exploring.

9th – Tuesday – Sun Conjunct Mercury – Taking an inventory of family and friends is a good first step toward understanding the reality of our lives. Listen to everyone involved before proceeding.

10th – Wednesday – Mercury Parallel Venus – Warmhearted sharing can help us rise above the din of recent controversies. Little acts of kindness can make every meeting go smoother.

11th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus – For all the talk about big projects and expansive plans for the future, it is really the personal involvements with everyday activities that reveal the true meaning of our lives.

12th – Friday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune – Inspiration and opportunity lift our spirits. We are changing gears mentally and emotionally. It may take a few days to sort out fact from fantasy but it makes sense to accept new information that correlates with our higher values.

13th – Saturday – Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mars enters Cancer – Emotional impulsiveness can get us into trouble. Moderation is healthy but avoid being stingy with affections. People you care about need to know you are paying attention.

14th – Sunday – Everything seems to hinge on how we get along with others. We also need reasonable harmony with our environment. Unexpressed anger and negative feelings can torpedo our attempts to move forward. Find the middle path, and you will win the day. This means to avoid being overly confrontational or too passive and finding strength and understanding within ourselves.

Andromeda Galaxy & Nebula by Dave Flash



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