Astrological Forecast July 22-31

From July 22nd to the 31st we progress by lightening our load. We have to clear out our closets of unused material and empty our minds of extraneous thoughts if we want to raise our consciousness. This is a moment for our civilization to grow up and put away the toys and distractions of infancy.

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22nd – Monday – Mars Conjunct Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo, Sun enters Leo, the Full Moon at zero degrees of Leo/ Aquarius happens at 2:16 PM EDT – Our dichotomy today is that we have a strong gregarious instinct which runs counterpoint to our need to achieve some personal goals. We are happiest if we can do something with a group of close associates.

23rd – Tuesday – Sun Contra-parallel Pluto – Tasks can be accomplished by brute strength and force of will. This can be inspiring and exhausting. Be careful that while being single-mindedly focused on a goal that you don’t run over other people or deny them the same opportunity that you wish to pursue.

24th – Wednesday – Now is the time to remember what all our activity has been about. We are reconnecting with our basic values and recalibrating. We can manifest our dreams or just dream. It is a pleasant day.

25th – Thursday – Sun Parallel Mercury – Inching along toward a distant goal is more fulfilling that taking a grand plunge into a big project. Staying within predetermined guidelines is comforting and productive.

26th – Friday – Venus Opposite Neptune, Venus Sextile Saturn, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn – Perfecting our relationships means self work and personal discovery. Simplify, then clarity will emerge between you and others. The day belongs to the brave.

27th – Saturday – Sun Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mars Opposite Pluto, Sun Square Saturn, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune – Obstacles are overcome by being patient and listening to directions. Be willing to lose preconceptions and new thoughts can occur.

28th – Sunday – Venus Sextile Jupiter – There is ample opportunity to gather support for personal projects. Give positive support to those in need and you will be amazed at the good that will come from it.

29th – Monday – Enjoy the day…Relax. This is a time to be generous and focused on the truly important things in life. The more you contribute to the common good the stronger you will feel.

30th – Tuesday – Venus Trine Pluto, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter – Every relationship, even romantic ones, will respond to intense focus on practical circumstances. There is great joy in helping others in tangible ways.

31st – Wednesday – Mars Square Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune – Spontaneous bursts of energy can be quite violent unless there is a safe outlet for the excess. We want to believe in things we can’t prove. This is a sign that our vision is out in front of where we have actually traveled. This should be inspiring.

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