Weekly Forecast July 1-7

From July 1st to the 7th our relationships may suffer some apparent setbacks.This is because we are all changing and it is difficult to establish continuity of expectations for each other. Time spent getting clarity will pay big dividends. Recognize that we are all navigating uncharted waters.

Planets & Stars

1st – Monday – Venus Square Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Opposite Pluto, Venus Quincunx Neptune – Hurt feelings and pent up frustration can spill over into every activity. Recognize that not every limitation is bad. Sometimes restricted self-expression can bring us a bounty by making us rethink our objectives.

2nd – Tuesday – Patience brings rewards; work on simple projects and keep an eye on achieving tangible results. There is the germination of some new ideas but they will take a few weeks to fully develop into something useable.

3rd – Wednesday – Make the effort to communicate your thoughts, even when you are pretty sure you are not being fully acknowledged. There is room for several points of view and others have something to contribute, even if they seem mildly abrasive.

4th – Thursday – Sun Square Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto – Something inside of us forces us to move in a new direction. Things we hadn’t noticed before move us forward with a certain compulsion. Settling for the status quo is not an option. Be willing to experiment.

5th – Friday – Venus Semi-square Mars, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus Quincunx Pluto – Even though the circumstances we are in now are unique, we have the feeling that we have been here before. Look for repeating patterns; they are the real master key to our joys and sorrows.

6th – Saturday – Good natured competitiveness powers us forward. There is a warm feeling of being right where we are supposed to be; this gives us the strength to trust our feelings even when they go against the grain of our expectations.

7th – Sunday – Venus Trine Uranus – Exhilaration fills the air as we feel a great expanse toward something new. A mixture of influences pulls us in several directions but we are on a new adventure and we can easily withstand the contradictions of the moment.



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