July 2013 Astrological Forecast

The whole month of July 2013 is dominated by two big planetary patterns:a Grand Trine and a T-Square. Jupiter, having just moved into Cancer, plays a pivotal role in both formations. Neptune (lord of culture) is Trine Saturn (lord of manifestation). Jupiter (king of the gods) comes to Trine them both. This gives us a unique opportunity to bring joy to our everyday tasks and to bring our highest ideals into the world of form. This aspect will peek most strongly right at the middle of the month from the 14th – 20th. With the continuing Square between Uranus (god of revolution) and Pluto (lord of the underworld), picking up the addition of the Square and Opposition from Jupiter (lord of expansion), we will see automatic and necessary combustion on a grand scale. At different times of the month, this spot, occupied by Jupiter in Cancer, will be tenanted by Mercury, Sun, and Mars. Consequently, the pot will be continually boiling over. Each of us will have a chance to act with a certain nobility beyond our normal lives. Such an interesting and growth oriented month happens rarely. And this one is truly unique.

The New Moon is at 16 degrees of Cancer on July 8th at 3:15 AM EDT. Most planets are in water signs increasing empathy and emotional responses to life’s circumstances. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all together and Trine the North Node in Scorpio; this indicates that we are in a time requiring us to share our resources. The New Moon is also in hard aspect to the ever present Uranus Pluto Square forcing us to keep in motion. Change is necessary and inevitable. With Mercury still Retrograde and close to the Sun and Moon, we are looking back over our past for clues as to what needs to change.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd at 11:56 AM EDT. As the Sun crosses into Leo, the Moon is at the tail end of Capricorn showing that this solar month will be taken up with completing the most brutally practical considerations. With Venus just having crossed into Virgo we will find all of these everyday tasks, which are so necessary now, relatively easy. Venus being Opposite Neptune we are reminded to not get lost in detail or swept away from our work by dreams of the future. We need to stay in the present.

The Full Moon on July 22nd is at zero degrees of Aquarius/Leo at 2:16 PM EDT. With the Sun Opposite the Moon on zero degrees of the signs, we are entering a new step on our journey. However, something must be discharged in order to climb to a new level of awareness. With the lights both Square Saturn in Scorpio we must correctly handle our obligations. It is necessary to see what we are responsible for and what we need to let others do.

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