Weekly Forecast July 15-21

From July 15th to the 21st be careful what you ask for; what we think about now has real potency. If we are in sync with the cosmos we can help give birth to so many powerful and beautiful happenings; permanent change is coming to this planet.


15th – Monday – A private aesthetic sense can bring a secret joy. There is a dividing line between those with us and those not inclined to come along. Be satisfied with the limitations we experience now.

16th – Tuesday – Manifest your dreams. This is a powerful moment for creating something meaningful and transformative. We are on the threshold of a new world.

17th – Wednesday – Uranus turns Retrograde, Jupiter Trines Saturn then Trines Neptune – Dream big and aim for the things you really want. Emotional energy runs high and optimistic thoughts motivate people. We can all believe in the inherent goodness of our highest values and live from a wider perspective of life.

18th – Thursday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto – We may feel that our own lives suffer some because our personal desires seem to run counter to what is good for our larger community. This is a great opportunity to examine our own needs and to reappraise how we connect with others. Don’t let small disappointments rob you of the greater joy all around you.

19th – Friday – Saturn Trine Neptune – A calm is present as our values and the reality of life seem to merge harmoniously. Even though we are peaceful, there is a stirring because we know that everything is getting ready to change.

20th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury turns Direct, Mars Trine Neptune then Trines Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Venus – There is change fermenting in our environment and fundamental assumptions are challenged. Our emotional impulses require us to move quickly as we need to express some important insight or value.

21st – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Venus – We put the finishing touches on a pet project and then relax. Distant thunder reminds us that we are in the midst of turbulence.

Galaxies in the night sky






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