Weekly Forecast July 9-15

From July 9th to the 15th we keep looking for higher ground to stand on. We can feel that some things need to be different but what must we change? Perhaps we need to be more inclusive. There are plenty of people who share our values and our goals. It is time to connect.

Neptune, planet infamous for illusion & confusion

9th – Monday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune – Emotional outbursts give excitement without too much disruption to the day’s rhythm. We accomplish tasks by switching strategies several times.

10th – Tuesday – We need to be assertive in order to accomplish anything but we find ourselves at odds with others. Good conversation and giving other people space to express themselves is the way to harmony.

11th – Wednesday – We may have reached the limits of growth for the moment. It makes sense to enjoy what we have and make an accurate assessment of our current situation from a relaxed frame of mind.

12th – Thursday – We seem to be in a hurry to get things done. This is a transition moment. Life speeds up and slows down again in the course of a day.

13th – Friday – Uranus turns Retrograde, Sun Semi-square Jupiter – Getting balance may be too much to ask for the moment, but we can have a really good time if we are willing to leave a few things undone and enjoy the interruptions.

14th – Saturday – Mercury Sextile Venus, Mercury turns Retrograde, Sun Square Saturn – Retreating from a point of view that has proven itself inadequate is difficult, but denying the obvious is more painful in the long run. Embrace necessary change.

15th – Sunday – Communicating the right thoughts now can propel us toward a new pattern of relationships. We can be affecting others in many positive ways we do not comprehend.




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