Weekly Forecast July 23-31

From July 23rd to the 31st bold new ideas become easily integrated with our passions of the past. Brilliant insights become just common sense. This is a moment for problem solving and taking a great leap forward.

The autumn sky with Jupiter & her moons

23rd – Monday – Split the day between work and play. Make time for special people after fulfilling a day of tasks.

24th – Tuesday – Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Sun Quincunx Neptune – Have faith and trust your intuition. New ideas emerge in our minds as if by magic. If we try, another person’s point of view can become transparent. We are able to see a bigger picture and have a more inclusive vision of life.

25th – Wednesday – Mercury Trine Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Pluto – In order to progress some things must be left behind.  Old ideas sometimes have to be discarded in order to embrace new ones. Attachments to the past slow us down. What works is not always what is best. Be willing to let go.

26th – Thursday – Mercury Quincunx Pluto – This is a perfect time to alter some long standing habit that is impending our progress. Compulsive behavior can not bring satisfaction. Gentle persuasion can move us all in an appropriate direction.

27th – Friday – The big trick today is being able to hold ourselves to one course of action long enough to see results. We can be very organized but will have to integrate times of interruptions into our daily flow.

28th – Saturday – Sun Parallel Venus, Mercury Semi-square Venus, Sun Conjunct Mercury – We feel certain about our ideas and communicate with pride. Everyone seems joyful and supremely confident. As long as we are all going in the same direction we are happy. Divisions and differences are for another day.

29th – Sunday – Minor confusion stems from overreach. Getting back to basics can mend fences and help everyone get along.  Sometimes our philosophy does not match the facts. This presents us with an opportunity to learn.

30th – Monday – Sun Quincunx Pluto – Being in an “all or nothing” attitude can make progress very difficult. If you are in an emotional standoff, get quiet and see if a new direction presents itself.

31st – Tuesday – Sun Trine Uranus, Venus Trine Saturn – Bold ideas and stable commitments propel us forward with optimistic momentum. Small adjustments in actions and attitude can give great emotional reward.

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