Weekly Forecast July 16-22

From July 16th to the 22nd violence is hanging in the air. There is too much energy with no place to go. Help solve the problem of the moment by letting your life be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Enthusiasm and spunk can be very good when correctly channeled.

Full Moon eclipse this week

16th – Monday – Mars Contra-parallel Uranus – Old habits can prompt us to move forward; we may find it advantageous to pull back from our automatic responses and take an inventory of our resources. 17th – Tuesday – Mars Trine Jupiter, Mars Square Pluto – This is an energetic day; we feel stressed if we push against the momentum and direction of the moment. If we choose our course wisely we will win in every endeavor. 18th – Wednesday – Jupiter Quincunx Pluto, Sun Parallel Jupiter, Mars Opposite Uranus – We may be hard pressed to keep up with the fast moving action of the day. Tension can lead to misunderstandings. Find safe ways of releasing stress and stay positive. 19th – Thursday – The New Moon at 12:25 PM EDT – Whatever we put our attention on will tend to develop rather quickly.  Now is the time to let our creativity lead us in a new direction. We make swift progress. 20th – Friday – Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Saturn – We may get easily distracted and have difficulties fulfilling our commitments. We do best if we finish our most important tasks before we allow our attention to be diverted. 21st – Saturday – Jupiter Sextile Uranus – Our destination may change. The spirit of adventure can carry us far away now. An eye focused on the important details of the moment speeds up our journey. 22nd – Sunday – Sun in Leo, Mercury Sextile Mars Tremendous vitality goes into everything we do. The give and take of important information makes the day exciting. There is real spice in our relationships but for all the fun it may be difficult to have harmony.


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