Spicy Vegan Stir-Fry

Delicious vegan stir-fry developed by Gina Marotta for Happiness Series

SPICY VEGAN STIR-FRY (for main dish, appetizer, dip or snack)
You’ll need:
Red bell peppers
Salsa (your favorite spicy salsa)
Olive Oil
Sweet Potato
2 cans black beans
Green Onions
(optional cheese, pepper jack or cheddar works)
(optional rice, quinoa, or tortilla wraps)
(mushrooms are also a nice addition)
Here are the specifics:
Warm some olive oil in a pan and add some minced garlic, recommended 2-3 cloves (enough to your liking and to match your serving). Put in some salsa to coat the pan so nothing sticks (I use hot, extra spicy) Add in equal parts: broccoli, red peppers.
Saute in a pan until veggies are soft to your liking.. Separately microwave or bake sweet potatoes until soft, chop, and then add into mixture. Add rinsed and drained can of black beans – we like Eden Organic. For four servings, I would add about one and a half cans. Throw in 1-4 chopped green onions too for flavor, quantity depends on how much you make. For just one serving, one onion is probably enough and for 4 servings, you probably want four. Warm all together in pan. Add salt and pepper.
You can also add rice, mushrooms, and/or quinoa and/or wrap it all up in a tortilla. You can also do as a party dip and get heavy blue corn chips (and if you’re not vegan, you can add a sharp cheddar or jack cheese)

And please tell us how you adapted this recipe to your tastes! Share your tips & ideas with us!




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