Lights, Camera… Happiness

Vision Board, Part II

Destination: the Future

By Lauren Harper

Peruse, choose, cut, place, and tape. Repeat. Peruse, choose, cut…
The moment I started my vision board, I found myself in an Edward Scissorhands-esque daze. Armed with my own shiny scissors, I hunted down pictures and words that popped out at me. I ripped out full-page images, medium-sized quotes and did not hesitate snipping even the tiniest inspiration or miniature letter. 

If I liked it, I cut it.

In all sincerity, I thought creating a vision board was going to pan out into an exhausting endeavor.  In retrospect, it seems my initial concerns were merely floating on the surface before I submerged a few more leagues under the sea on my vision board expedition.

In general, I worried about what magazines to purchase, how to deal with annoying sticky tape, finding the time, what pictures and words to use, how to organize the clippings on the poster, when to stop searching for my visions or what if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

It didn’t hit me until I was halfway through my first magazine that I realized how enlightening this project had become. Before I knew it, I cut a few pictures, ripped out a couple of inspirational words and discovered that from what started as zero, immediately calculated to more than ten magazine clippings. I felt content, hopeful and excited to know that I was well on my way to building the bridge that connects the present to my future.

Because I am living my dream at the moment as an actress in Hollywood, I felt the process of completing my vision board to be even more awe-inspiring because I had the opportunity to fill in the rest of my desires instead of concentrating on one particular goal.

As I flipped through countless pages of distant lands to explore, mantras to live by and paper dreams specifically aimed at my career hopes, I began to unlock the doors of meaning, ambition, curiosity, power, wanderlust, love and happiness.

As I reached the last page of the final magazine, I suddenly snapped out of my vision board induced haze and stared in disbelief at the mountain of dreams on the ground beside me. They are more vibrant than I expected and especially daring, adventurous, simple, fun and beautiful.

My vision board illuminates the idea of a well-lived life… a carpe diem kind of life.

From now on, I won’t just settle for wishing upon a star…

I am going to reach out and grab it from the night so I can shine brighter than the light of day.



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About the Author: Lauren Harper is an L.A. woman with East Coast blood. Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, she is an actress and writer residing in the heart of Hollywood, California. Lauren graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in French and Francophone Studies. Fast forward to 2012, she has continued to work, successfully carving a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Lauren is excited to contribute to Happiness Series with Lights, Camera…Happiness and her interview series, Lights, Camera…Interview. Lauren hopes to further enlighten herself and you with each entry. Find out more about Lauren Harper | Twitter: @TheLaurenHarper | Official Site: | e-mail: [email protected]

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