How to Meditate – Today!

Meditate Anywhere!

By Sheila Heylin

It’s time to make mediation work for you!

We all lead busy lives and would love to meditate on a regular basis.

We all know the happiness and health benefits that come with meditation.

But did you know you can do it almost anywhere?

I used to think I needed the perfect environment to meditate in, which never happened, so I never meditated. Reading the research on how meditation can single handedly change your life… I had to make it work for me! So I thought, where can I go and be alone that’s close by? Then it hit me. The bathroom. So I put the lid down on the toilet seat, I sat down and started breathing. I sat there for only 5 minutes, and I couldn’t believe the difference! I brought an egg timer in and set the time so I didn’t have to think about how long I would there. I was amazed at what happened just by giving myself 5 little minutes and also what that did for me and my day.

I noticed the more consistently I did it, like everything else, the better I got at it. At first I couldn’t stop my mind for a second but I kept doing it, and then there were days where my mind was quiet for minutes at a time. It was very exciting! As the days got busier, I didn’t make time for myself. I had to find other ways to get my daily meditation in.

So I went through my day looking for time. I would get to my appointments really early so I could sit, be still, and quiet my mind. It also really helped me deal with my situation at hand. Now I get really happy when I have to wait in line. I actually look for the longest line and let people go in front of me because I take that opportunity to meditate. I focus on the noise around me, not any one conversation because then I would stay in my head and think too much. I focus on a spot on the floor and I just start to breath. It’s great! It takes away the aggravation and impatience that I usually have in that situation. I’m much easier to deal with as well.

Traveling can be another stressful time. Running through airports, going through security, crowded planes. Here’s where a meditation CD or download comes in handy. I get in my seat and put on my headphones and just breath. I definitely meditate longer than 5 minutes. I’m up to an hour now, especially on the plane. Travel is so much more enjoyable. I don’t even wig out if there are delays!

Any form of transportation, where you aren’t in the drivers seat, is a great opportunity to meditate.

A couple side notes: If you’re having trouble quieting your mind. Just focus on the tip of your nose and feel the air flow going in and out of your nose. When your mind wanders, which is very natural, just keep bringing it back to your breath. Feel the air coming through your nose and filling your lungs. Imagine the air moving through your whole body.

The biggest note: DO NOT judge your meditation! One day you’ll be a meditating master and, the next day you won’t be able to quiet your mind for a second. It doesn’t matter! What matters is you do this consistently. What really matters is that you’re giving yourself the gift of YOUR time. Do this one thing for yourself and it will end up helping everyone else around you!

Meditation will improve your life.

Let me know how it’s going and if you have any questions.
Take care,

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About the Author: Sheila Heylin, the knowledgeable host of Happiness Series, lives in Chicago and Los Angeles. It was in LA where Sheila discovered healthy living. She realized that “what you’re not used to and what you hate are two different things.” She and Tania partnered to create Happiness Series and build an online and offline community that fosters wellness and happiness.


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