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(A Royal)  Costume

By Aqua Catlin

This is a post on… what else?  Royal garb.  Nooo, I’m not going to put you to sleep with another pic of the dress.  Just pointing out how we communicate through our clothes and more to the point, the color of what we wear.

Today was Canada Day and the Prince and his new bride, aka The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, arrived there yesterday for a 10 day tour.  The monarchy is fast losing patrons and support in Commonwealth countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  But I think the strategic visit this month to Canada will bring a new wave of supporters.  And here, these young royals don’t ask for respect but they start out right and demonstrate it and slowly send out their message.

Did you note Catherine’s Maple Leaf hat on Canada Day?  I’m so sure you’ll catch the reference, I won’t say another word.

Canadian Flag







Canadian Catherine












Also note the clever and symbolic use of the maple shaped diamond brooch.  This was a gift from Canada to the Queen. Who wouldn’t be honored to have a monarch wear their flag and their jewels? Even if you don’t like the monarchy, this respectful nod to the Canucks from such a high place, isn’t hurting relations.

Presentation IS everything!  Color sends a powerful message, however subconscious.  Wear colors that tell people who you are, or WHO YOU WANT TO BE, in that moment, then watch them agree with you!  Since the royal wedding, I’ve seen Catherine in only white attire or very pale.  A very clever move, saying: “I’m still the royal bride. (Treat me as such.)”

This is a brilliant exception – on a visit to their troops, using this military look in, (surprise!), royal blue, and looking quite like her hubby already, she and her handlers are consciously reminding us she is “in” the royal family.  A necessary step because of those who remember her history all too well.   Aside from this and her first day on the job, she has only worn whites and pales till and during the Canada visit thus far.   Blue is just now starting to creep into her wardrobe more but you have not seen her in brights or pink, red, green…not a coincidence.   And if you think she’s finding these genius pieces herself between politically strategic for PR royal visits, oh hell no.   Someone very strategic has a team trotting round to design houses with measurements and non-disclosure agreements.

Being "in" is so hot right now. And I am, can you tell??


Yesterday, their first trip on official business outside the UK, she stepped onto their soil in navy blue ….yet  it was lace,  referencing again – her lacy wedding dress.   She’s a bride, but its also a statement of her strength, for time outside her familiar lands.  The Canada trip seems to mark the real starting point of venturing out of light colors and back into stronger hues.  This will help her hone her public identity: strong, modern yet classic, royal.

I'm just a bride so be nice because one day I'll be your Queen!
















You may have seen her in a simple blue dress and blazer ensemble the day after the wedding, I wonder if it was planned by her before she was married or was the work of her Costume Designer strategy/Stylist?

Wear this when you're married to your boss's grandson













Check  her public appearances since she wed – all in light colors designed to draw out the moment, draw attention and send a message.

The message your colors send, arrives before you open your mouth!  Obviously, only wear your best colors if you want to look your best but in general, color will go a long way to supporting you in your events.  I’m sure you can work out your colors-by-occasion for yourself but here are some ideas.

If you’re going to court, wear White for the judge, or Pale Blue to seem weak and victimized.

Navy Blue says you’re smart and reserved so its a great color for job interviews, meeting her parents,  first day on the job, (just as Kate wore it day after her wedding, first day on the job!).

Red – passionate of course and UBER CONFIDENT.   Black – elegant, strong and if we’re lucky: Thin.   Pink – gentle, feminine and receptive, or Hot Pink – energetic and spicy!  Khaki:  Utilitarian and ready for what comes.  Yellow  – young and hopeful or warm and fun.  Coral – warm and attractive.   Purple will make you mysterious and spiritual if you’re going to yoga where that cute guy teaches.  Bright Orange – crazy and alarming!   Mint green: relaxing to be with.

I would say that the presentation of the most watched woman in the world has to be as well thought out as any other strategised political move…such as sending these particular members of the Monarchy was  to reach out to the rebel Canadians and gain new support and favor.

A royal pain, dressing for all these carriage rides.














Derby Day - Surprise she's in white!































Wimbeldon in... white.












White and Blue wow!












There are so many images like this.  I could go on.  Kate in White, Kate in White, Kate in Blue, Kate in White.  But you see the point.   You kind of paint the visual picture you want people to believe if the occasion calls for something special like that.    Its also all about the presentation in its many forms –  including who you are.   But people do judge visually and within the first moments of laying eyes on you.  Accept it if you want a shot to nab adventure-loving Harry…and wear red for him!


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About the Author: Aqua, (yes, its her real name), Catlin is an Aussie-American Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor as well as Stylist. She’s costumed Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Billy Baldwin and Arye Gross among others, has worked with models, musicians, playmates and in various roles Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey. Aqua’s work is considered, on budget, on time and adds production value and a friendly on-set face! You’ll be glad you trusted your project to Aqua. Questions? Great! Contact us here: E-mail [email protected]

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