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Weekly Forecast August 1-7 2011

By Bob Mulligan

The Center of the Milky Way

From August 1st to the 7th we calm down a lot and work on uncovering details. Progress is made by returning to our roots. We may find everyone to be surprisingly pleasant and much easier to negotiate with than we would have suspected.

1st – Monday – Sun Square Jupiter, Venus Quincunx Pluto – Taking a few steps forward is necessary but knowing when to stop is also important. We are getting ready to change directions.

2nd – Tuesday – Mercury turns Retrograde – Focusing on details can be confusing. It is important to remember what we are doing and to concentrate on what is most important. We find other people’s needs to conflict with our own. Discretion is necessary in order to use our time to our best advantage.

3rd – Wednesday – Mars enters Cancer, Mars Trines Neptune – Passions can be very inspiring but it may not be so easy to gain forward momentum. Our best ideas require other people’s involvement to have any reality. Concentrate on the foundations of your key relationships.

4th – Thursday – Mercury Sextile Mars, Neptune Retrogrades back into Aquarius, Venus Contra-parallels Pluto, Venus Squares Jupiter – Big ideas take off slowly and pick up speed as others become involved. Keeping up with everything you promise can be problematic so avoid over commitment.

5th – Friday – Sun Sextile Saturn – Carefully measured expression and strong held beliefs can work hand in hand to move us forward today. We may need to reverse the flow of some aspect of our own thinking. This is a time of revising.

6th – Saturday – Other people may seem unmovable or unrealistic. Work at reducing stress and be willing to listen to different opinions.

7th – Sunday – Venus Sextile Saturn – Long term stable relationships are built on trust and respect. This is perfect timing for finding compromise.



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