Astrology 101 – July’s Forecast

Astrological Forecast for July 2011

By Bob Mulligan

The whole month of July is exciting but chaotic. We start with a very powerful Eclipse on the 1st, and end with a second New Moon in Leo.  Between these two New Moons we have a series of violent and aggressive events as Mars (god of war) triggers the Eclipse points from last month. The benign aspect from Jupiter (king of the gods) to Pluto (lord of the underworld) shows that there is a way around our major differences by focusing on the global issues which unite us.  We live in two worlds now, the public arena and our personal lives.  At times they fit together nicely, this month there is a real divide.  Still, each person will find their individual truth by understanding the symbiosis between the two.  August and September bring the pieces back together.

The New Moon Eclipse on July 1st at 4:55 AM EDT is extremely powerful and important.  This is the third of three very potent Eclipses emerging one every two weeks.  We will feel the physical shockwaves of this blast starting ten days before and lasting ten days afterwards.  Pluto (lord of evolution), Uranus (god of chaos) and Saturn (ruler of stability) are aligned with the Eclipse in a manner that harkens back to the turbulent and creative time in the 60’s where they were also in a difficult pattern.  Jupiter (king of the gods) is in a lucky position, encouraging us to see the opportunity as we discard encumbrances from the past.

Our Full Moon is on July 15th at 2:40 AM EDT. This is the time for clarification of our relationships as Venus (goddess of love) is in hard aspect with Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn just before the apex. We experience a quickening of world events right now.  We get instant feedback on everything we do; this becomes a time of taking big leaps forward.  Some people stay and get closer to us, others just go away.

The Sun enters Leo on July 23rd at 12:12 AM EDT ushering in a new solar month.  This is a time where new energy, ideas, and people can seem fascinating.  However, we have some things in motion from the past that require us to pay attention to projects already under way…success is found by staying focused and not letting our energy become splintered between too many people and things during this 30 days.

The New Moon on July 30th is at 2:40 PM EDT.  Mars and Venus play a dominant role in our next stage of evolvement. Mars (god of war) makes many hard aspects right after the New Moon showing our struggles to find a new way. Venus (goddess of love) is with the Sun and Moon in major aspect to Uranus (lord of innovation). We must reveal our true love now by committing to our heart’s desire. Mercury (messenger of the gods) is in Virgo (sign of analysis) opposite Neptune (god of the ocean) in the sign Pisces (sign of infinite space). Because Mercury turns Retrograde, this aspect happens three times. We are being confronted with things we know are a better way but don’t seem reasonable. We will find our path in the next two months but we have to acknowledge our confusion in order to learn the truth.

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