Weekly Astrology for June 25-30, 2018

From June 25th through the 30th so many fortunate things are in our environment.  Trying to capture and harness them into our personal lives can be tricky as it is a matter of timing.  We will all get new timesaving insight.  The big trick is to realize we can see something that we may not be able to convey.  Accepting the limitations of the moment is the way to profit from the week.

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24th – Sunday – Sun Parallel Mercury –  We don’t have to know everything to claim our authority over the domain of the things we do know about.  Others will hear us when we are authentic in our speaking.  Luck is with us, but are our values in tune with our true direction?  Before we take off for unknown destinations, some self-checking is in order. 
25th – Monday –  Venus Square Jupiter –  Emotional indulgence is good but we need to know our limits.  Too much of a good thing can have us waking up with a bellyache.  Where does our real freedom lie? If we choose wisely, we take a big step forward.
26th – Tuesday –  Mars Parallel Saturn, Mars turns Retrograde, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars –  Emotional turbulence can throw our timing off.  Still, inspiration lifts our spirits and energizes our thought process.  Some people may be argumentative, but we don’t have to contribute to the discord.  We can always be the voice of truth.
27th – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Opposite Saturn, Venus Quincunx Neptune –  Even though there are limits to time, money, and energy, we have enough for what must be accomplished.  Sweet thoughts and artistic offerings can help organize our impulses and synthesize the best of the day.
28th – Thursday – The Full Moon comes at 12:53 AM EDT on the 6th degree of Cancer/Capricorn, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto –  An all or nothing attitude can lead us deeper into research, or just give us an adverse reaction to things we feel we have been addicted to in our past.  If we are able to discharge old feelings and judgments, we can experience more freedom.  Both work and home life are begging for our attention.  Writing things down is a good way to make sure that we don’t overlook important obligations.
29th – Friday – Mercury enters Leo, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  A dreamy idealism powers our thoughts. This is fine as long as we do a reality check on the practical implications of our actions.  Everyone seems to be more committed to their point of view than is usually the case.  Our job is to be willing to beam the light of the truth (as we see it) without having any attachment to how others receive it, if at all.  This is a tall order, but what the heck, let’s all grow into spiritual maturity.
30th – Saturday – Mercury Square Uranus, Sun Quincunx Mars –  Ok, this is a test.  Can you hold onto an insight that others can’t see without losing it, or getting upset?  Some things can’t be shared because they are still actually cooking inside us and aren’t done yet.  How do you like being the one eyed man in the valley of the blind?  Hang in there; it gets easier.

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On May 30th I took the airplane ride home from Chicago after attending UAC, the largest astrology conference in the world.  It was wonderful to see so many of my old friends and colleagues.  Also, I got to attend lectures given by the finest astrologers alive today.  There were more than a dozen talks going on at the same time, so I purchased lectures that I would have attended if I could have been at two places at once.  There is more than enough material to keep me in the learning mode for another year or two.  One surprise was a lunchtime talk, given by an old friend of mine, Mary Keswani, from Louisville, Kentucky.  Certainly the finest talk on the subject of the Moon that I have heard.  Long time financial astrologer, Grace Morris, gave a talk about the next few years in the Real Estate and Stock Market.  And yes, her research reflected what I have been saying for awhile.  Also, she revealed the same concerns I share about people having access to real facts.  She listed many sources for getting truthful data; her list dovetailed with mine.
My talks went well and I received lots of compliments and good thoughts.  Most importantly, I felt validated for all the years that have gone into writing my upcoming book.  My talks were from Chapter One and Chapter Eleven of this work.
Being with my youngest child, Bailey, and her mom, Kathryn, was an added bonus to the whole conference.  They are both astrologers; it was Bailey’s first conference.  We all agreed that this was a superior gathering of the tribes.
At the end of the conference, there was a memorial shown on a large screen, with acknowledgements of all the astrologers who had passed away since the last UAC in 2012.  I was shocked to learn that Swami Kriyananda had died recently.  Along with Doris Hebel, and Maureen Cleary, all of the Chicago astrologers I knew when living in Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s have now died.
As it turns out, the volcano eruption in Hawaii is the appropriate signature event for Uranus arriving in Taurus; an explosion of molten earth.  We have more earth changes to come.

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