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Many of you tell me you don’t often think to ask your Spirit Guides for help. I hear all the time from clients, you’re good at giving to others but have trouble asking for help. We’ve all got Spirit Guides, and they are so ready, willing, and able to lend a helping hand. Guess what? Most of the time then your Guides feel useless; you’re not asking them for help! And, they’re probably feeling like it’s not that much fun to be your Guide. When you create a relationship with your Guides they get to be active in your life, to play, to co-create, to inspire… As you practice asking them for everything and anything the energetic circuits between you and them get faster and faster.
Here’s an example of the fun we can be having with our Guides on a daily basis: The bowl I used to serve the gluten-free pretzels to one of my classes was too tiny, so the pretzels were gone immediately, and I didn’t notice I needed to refill it because I was busy teaching. I was in the kitchen later telling my daughter that we need a better snack bowl. I imagined it to be round but not heavy like a mixing bowl, but not plastic. A minute later, my daughter took out the trash. She walked back in and said, “Mama, were you asking for a snack bowl? This was sitting on the lid of the dumpster.” She held out the perfect-sized, rounded, lightweight shiny silver bowl.
So, dish out your chores and let your Guides bring you joy! 
Ariel is also a radio show host on VoiceAmerica’s 7th Wave Channel, every Monday at 2 p.m. MST. For more information, please visit Ariel’s website at

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About the Author: Ariel Hardy is an energy healer, currently living in Denver, CO. She has practiced energy healing work since 1996. Ariel also enjoys making instructional videos to teach others how she is doing this work. She has not been trained in any healing schools or classes, but is guided from within and by her Spirit Guides and Angels who move her hands in the healing sessions. In the sessions, Ariel acts as a conduit of healing light between Source and the Earth. Ariel can work on you long distance, anywhere in the world, using phone or Skype to communicate as she performs the energy healing. As Ariel repairs and clears your energy field, she asks you questions about what she finds. She talks about the energy field as she works, explaining what she is seeing in the vortexes, grids and rivers of light in your field. Ariel is also a radio show host on VoiceAmerica’s 7th Wave Channel, every Monday at 2 p.m. MST, beginning June 13, 2016. For more information, please visit Ariel’s website at

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