Weekly Forecast June 24-30

From June 24th to the 30th even though we have continuity with our recent past, it is as if we are carried in a whole new direction.  We re-evaluate our situation.  This is a time for experiencing joy within our family.

CGI IMAGE: MERCURY Magnetoshere. The magnetic field of Mercury is too weak to protect it from the full force of the sun. It has a magnetic field, which means that part of its core is molten. The Solar Wind buffets MercuryÕs thin atmosphere. In the process, it puts on a spectacular light show. Sodium atoms give off the yellow light. (Photo Credit: © Hive Studios)

24th – Monday – Feelings of insufficiency can suck the joy out of the day.  Enjoy other people’s progress from afar and what starts out as turbulence can actually transform into something quite pleasant.  Worry less and think more about the happiness of others.

25th – Tuesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mars Parallel Jupiter, Jupiter enters Cancer – We attack every task with gusto leaving less hearty souls in our wake.  Our joy for life seems contagious and what looks like spontaneous play can actually end up being very productive activity as our energy naturally gravitates towards our practical concerns.

26th – Wednesday –Sun Trine Saturn, Mercury turns Retrograde, Sun Trine Neptune, Sun Parallel Mars – We are caught between two worlds.  The push of circumstances has us rushing headlong toward things we can scarcely believe are real, and yet, we are trying to preserve several features of our old life.  It will take a few days to sort this all out.

27th – Thursday – Venus enters Leo, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter – Relax in an atmosphere of love. Little indulgences can give a nice twist to an easy fun filled day.  It is best to interpret every thought and comment as encouragement.  We move forward.

28th – Friday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Parallel Jupiter – A flurry of activity rests on a cushion of self assurance.  So many details surface; we can work too hard at trying to manage everything.  It is best to do some prioritizing and let others participate.

29th – Saturday – Lots of projects are moving at super speed.  We have more fun if we know when we have had enough.  Over indulgence can sometimes just mean that we have tried to include too many people in our plans.  Forethought and planning help a great deal and avoid disappointing others.

30th – Sunday – Ordinary beverages will not quench the deep thirst stirring our souls to greatness.  In order to not get lost in confusion we need to look beyond the moment and view our own distant future.



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