Man Proposes To Girlfriend at Ikea

Watch this and weep… I did!

Man Proposes to Girlfriend at IKEA

Just so you know, some fairytales do come true…just maybe not the way you expected them to.

That certainly must be the case for Rebecca Shackelford, who’s boyfriend, Carlos Gato, proposed to her publicly at a Florida Ikea.

If you don’t think this is romantic (I didn’t) just wait until you see the video. Carlos may have made one of the most romantic gestures I’ve ever seen. He made a move so big, in fact, that it should give all of us hope. However unromantic your man might seem, he can still pull out all the stops when it counts.

But back to Carlos and Rebecca. Carlos documented the big moment, and rightfully so; if anything was worthy of filming, it was this.

“My first time [at Ikea], I was here for four hours. She was doing her thing. We ran into each other, I said hi and we ended up hitting it off,” Carlos recalled in the video. “We spent the rest of the day here until it closed. This is our place, actually.”

Yup, you can cue that “aw” button now. But it gets better.

“She’s special to me, and she deserves the biggest proposal,” he says sentimentally, eschewing the typical on bended knee in a backyard or restaurant and adding, “I wanted to make it big so that she’d remember it.”

There’s no danger of that happening, I’m sure; this was some production. The elevators stopped and a massive flash mob started dancing to Bruno Mars’ very appropriate hit “Marry You.”

When the elevator started again post-song, down the steps came Carlos, tuxed-up with a bouquet of flowers.

“You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t think of my life without you. Will you marry me?” he asked through nervous giggles.

What woman wouldn’t have said yes?

And, as expected, Rebecca didn’t (say no, that is).

This video made me so happy that I just had to share it, even if it did make me cry a little (a lot). And for all of you who were about to sneer condescendingly at the headline and say “Ikea?! Who does that?” well, I hope you’ve been proven wrong. There is beauty in the ordinary and love, no matter where you find it, is still love.



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