Ease Down That Road, Fear-Free!

June is always an exciting month for me. It’s a time when my inner world gets really shiny happy. It harks back to younger years – the excitement of end of school and knowing an exciting summer would soon be underway. The halfway point of the year marked by the summer solstice and my getting a year older.

Fearless Living

I look back at the first half of the year and feel a profound state of gratitude. I am deeply humbled by the gifts, expansion, and lessons so far. 2013 has indeed been a profound year for me and many of the people I have encountered along this journey.

The common and repetitive theme is…

Get out of your own way!

As I prepare for next month’s workshop in Costa Rica (for more info check out the site), the Monthly Meeting on Monday night, the Group Sessions this month (June 19th & June 26th), the release of my new website (coming soon!) and all the other projects which are coming together, I am constantly shown that everything flows easily if I show up simply and just be present.

Simple, right? Yup, it is simple to say. Allowing or being it is another story. Usually life just flows with grace. Yet sometimes, there are a whole host of elements that easily get in the way of being in the moment and in your flow. Fear can be paralyzing. Whether it be yours or the collective consciousness of cray-cray crazy that we all can tap into from time to time.

Fear is powerful – It’s like fire. With thought and intention, fire can be useful to cook with, warm our homes, or even create a candlelit glow. Yet if you don’t respect it…. Fire or fear will rage, destroying everything in its path.

This may sound strange but I have learned to make my fear work for me, as opposed to allowing myself to be paralyzed by it. There are certain things in life you just can’t control, no matter how you’d like to. Personally, a whole lot of my fears are around things that I simply can not control. As I move forward to allowing for more LOVE, ease and an expanded way of being, I know that I have choices and there is no true need to feel paralyzed by those things I have no control over – people, places, or things. For example, if I am on a flight that is canceled, I accept, surrender and move on. More often than not, something amazing happens that I would never have encountered… and sometimes it’s just a plain pain in the posterior.

So… what opportunities does your fear create for you? What if you chose to look at your fear as a tool… how different would your current situation be?

Here is what I do to get out of those fear moments.

Freak out. (This is totally optional.) Yup, I give myself permission to have a rant… only for a little bit of time. Then, get into a breathing pattern or meditation to create a balance…. breathe in… breathe out.

Become a witness. By finding the inner-witness who can be less judgmental and can see what is really happening, we are able to create see the different paths and choices before us.

Accept. Acceptance is a key point of allowing an end to the continuous spiral. I am not saying that you have to like the environment in which you find yourself in. A foundation of acceptance will help you find your own personal footing. At any point of transformation, a person has to accept the current conditions in order to create deeper change.

Take a look who is in charge of your actions. Find out what are the roots of your feelings. Allow yourself to see what you can do to feel differently.

Unplugging from the collective belief can be a challenge. We are all programmed to respond in a certain way. Give yourself the opportunity to see things from your true perspective, not from the you which has been conditioned from your tribe, culture, family, or the somebody-done-somebody-wrong club. In this moment, unplug from the dominance of conventional collective fear.

Make room for a different outcome. Choose to see what new path’s before you.

Allow for support. Trust and know you are supported more than you’d ever know.

Have fun moving though life. Ease on down that new road.

Know that you are LOVED.

I, for one, am deeply grateful for you and all that you are.

Create a beautiful day!

LOVE your way!




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About the Author: Tony LeRoy (www.tonyleroy.com) is a psychic and life coach with over 17 years of experience, whose gifts have found their most resonant expression in what he calls “intuitive counseling.” Tony is a healer and a guide who works to help clients discover their own power to create their own life. Tony has been based in both New York and Los Angeles for several years. He’s interested in the work of healers like Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman and Caroline Myss. He feels a strong kinship to the deep spiritual investigation of Joseph Campbell and Andrew Harvey. Recently, he’s taken that spiritual investigation and healing quest further by offering workshops with people such as therapist and shamanic counselor Nancy Arann. Tony is often featured in Happiness Series videos sharing his insights, and he writes regularly for our site. Tony was recently a guest on Dr. Oz, guiding millions to open their hearts and tap into their own intuition.



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