Cheaters Beware!

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

What have you done to a philandering partner?

Somebody in Washington is one unhappy camper but, instead of suffering silently, wanted the world to know just how he/she felt about said cheating spouse. The Reddit recently shared a photo of a house covered by a huge banner reading “Welcome Home Cheater” along with the caption: “Taken this morning in my hometown in Washington.” Said caption is followed by a (in my opinion) well-deserved expletive. But is revenge — though more embarrassing than dangerous — the best option for dealing with a cheating partner?

Earlier this year a cuckolded husband posted a YouTube video discussing what he did when he found out that his wife had joined an online dating site: dumping horse dung in her car. Gross? Yes. Extreme? Maybe. Deserved? Oh, totally.

In my book, cheating is just about the worst thing you can do to someone you’re married to or seriously involved with. When you become a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re essentially making a promise that you’ll be devoted, that your partner is “the one” — at least for the time being. By cheating, you’re breaking a trust, showing your shallowness, becoming a betrayer.

I never understood cheating. If you’re the cheater, why can’t you just wait? If your relationship no longer satisfies you, why  not end it before moving on with someone else? Why must you go behind your partner’s back? And as the person involved with a cheater, are you stupid or just cruel? And do you really think he/she won’t do it to you sometime down the line?

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Posting embarrassing banners, posting on, cutting tires…these things aren’t going to give you your ability to trust back. I’m not saying don’t do it (though I don’t condone Fatal Attraction-style bunny boiling) but really, in the long run, is it actually going to bring you satisfaction? Is it going to make you any happier?

It’s been said that revenge is a dish best served cold. But to me, the coldest and most effective thing you could do would be to shut a cheater out of your life totally. Move on. Find someone who’s worth your time, worthy of your affection and who really and truly deserves your trust, loyalty and devotion. Find someone who really makes you happy.



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