Astrological Forecast for June 2013

Big changes that affect everyone’s life are going on behind the scenes.  There is turbulence in the environment, yet we are protected from the worst of it. This is a most mysterious month. June is a Cardinal month; a change of season from spring to summer.  What is indicated at the time of the Summer Solstice sets the tone until fall.  We see the gathering strength of the coming T-Square with Jupiter adding potency to the all pervasive Uranus Square Pluto. There is tremendous energy for change fulminating underneath the calm, but the Saturn Trines Neptune on June 11th acts as a stabilizing factor.  This aspect repeats next month and we end up with a period of relative peace and harmony.  Later in the month, as Jupiter moves into Cancer on the 25th, we shift away from being inundated with data to going with what feels right.  And at the same time, on the 26th Mercury turns Retrograde and we start sorting through our recent past emotional journey.  This allows us to take a fresh look at our history and make some new choices going forward.

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The New Moon on June 8th is at 11:57 AM EDT on 18 degrees of Gemini. Tremendous amounts of personal energy go into communicating as Mars and Jupiter are with the Sun and Moon in Gemini (sign of information). At the same time, Mercury (messenger of the gods) is with Venus (goddess of beauty) in Cancer (sign of emotional bonding). This month will be a time of intense shifts in attitudes and positioning in the world.  We will have a concerted effort to stabilize our relationships but there is so much input from the outer planets indicating that we have to keep moving forward in order to integrate our experiences rather than being overwhelmed by them.

The Sun enters Cancer June 21st at 1:04 AM EDT. This is the Summer Solstice and the chart for this moment shows the conditions for the next three months.  With the Sun Conjunct Jupiter and a Void of Course Moon at the end of Scorpio, we are finishing up things that have been in motion for a long period of time.  Favorable outcomes for most projects can be expected to materialize rapidly over the next 90 days.  With the Ascendant in this chart applying to a Trine to the Moon, personal initiative will be required to bring about the desired results.  With Mercury and Venus Conjunct we can understand some of our more basic human impulses.  This can be a time for peace.

The Full Moon is on June 23rd at 7:33 AM EDT at 2 degrees of Cancer / Capricorn. Three important things are shown by this chart: this is a time for dealing with old emotional wounds, we can now manifest our highest ideals, and our good thoughts (as well as our bad) affect others. With the Moon Conjunct Pluto and Sextiling both Saturn and Neptune we are able to go to a profound level when discharging old scars.  With Jupiter rising before the Sun and both being in a Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune, we are able to embrace and translate positive beliefs into affective behavior.  Mercury is Contra-parallel both Moon and Pluto giving force to what we think or say to others.  With Venus Parallel Mars, we have the potential for reaching a new understanding with people we love.




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