Weekly Forecast June 17-23

From June 17th to the 23rd we move forward whether we are motivated or not.  Circumstances push us in a positive direction; we are offered a way out of our current dilemma.  If we put the right things at the center of our lives, fortune smiles on us and we experience abundance.

Full Moon this week

17th – Monday – Mars Sextile Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune – We need to take a stand on our own personally perceived truth.  We are about as empathetic as we ever get…and we want to help, but the urge for freedom and independence will not let us rest.  We can care for others while still innovating.

18th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Venus – Emotions burst forth from somewhere deep within; this is a perfect time to bond with people you care about.  Harmony is achievable and worth having; it comes at the cost of sacrificing personal impressions and preferences.

19th – Wednesday – Sun Conjunct Jupiter, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune – Overcome fears while embracing the optimism of the moment. Create something of beauty or alternatively, appreciate the beauty of life.

20th – Thursday – Venus Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Conjunct Venus – Happiness surrounds our activities and there is a general feeling of upliftment.  Be willing to advocate for the best and highest good for all.  This is a lucky day and what we think about tends to happen.

21st – Friday – Sun enters Cancer, Venus Parallel Mars – Real peace comes by accepting everyone in our lives just as they are.  Relationships improve only by self improvement.  We can come to know ourselves at a more profound level now.

22nd – Saturday – Both the spirit of adventure and a strong competitive drive keeps people on the move.  If we are in too big a hurry while trying to complete necessary tasks, we will create more problems than we solve.  Emotional frustration boils over when things don’t match our picture of what we feel “should” be happening.

23rd – Sunday – The Full Moon is at 2 degrees of Cancer / Capricorn at  7:33 AM EDT – Relinquishing dreams and ideals that no longer serve our higher needs is always a good thing.  However, there are some disappointments that are merely showing us some things in our lives that need alteration and editing.  Sometimes it is better to repair rather than discard.




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