Weekly Forecast June 25-30

From June 25th through the 30th even though we meet opposition, we will be very successful if we have chosen our goals wisely. Unique situations require revolutionary thinking and positive actions. We find the larger context of our lives changes permanently and for the better.

25th – Monday – Jupiter Squares Neptune, Saturn turns Direct, Mercury enters Leo – Overcoming a certain existential nervousness can require our full attention. Our natural tendency now is to either be unconscious or to be baldly assertive.  We strengthen our understanding if we can stabilize our emotions. Wild thoughts and erratic impulses can destroy the fabric of our relationships.

26th – Tuesday – Optimistic feelings can be translated into formal agreements that have real staying power.  As you find common ground with others, keep talking until you have reached closure.  A deal can be closer than you think.

27th – Wednesday – Venus turns Direct – Sudden intervention by outside forces can change the complexion of our current situation.  If we follow the direction of the new reality we can regain our equilibrium fairly quickly.

28th – Thursday – Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Sun Semi-sextile Venus – Scientific breakthroughs in engineering and manufacturing are in the news and capture our imagination.  We can follow the optimism of the moment to quickly rectify some personal issues.

29th – Friday – Sun Opposite Pluto, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Sun Square Uranus – Revolution is in the air and those who have long standing positions of privilege are not going quietly.  It requires real finesse to get to higher ground and avoid controversy.

30th – Saturday – Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto – Getting our own “house in order” is a full time job.  We try to accommodate several conflicting desires and tendencies within our own nature.  Rapid changes in the world can give us the incentive to be patient with ourselves.

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