Weekly Forecast June 11-17

From June 11th through the 17th if you feel that you are coming up with brilliant ideas that you are not able to adequately communicate to anyone else, welcome to the tone of the week. Do your part to aid in capturing new and important information; listen to others and treat them with the same courtesy and respect that you would like.

11th – Monday – Jupiter enters Gemini, Mercury Square Uranus, Mercury Opposite Pluto – Thoughts of making big changes really come from circumstances outside our current situation.  We all have thoughts from our personal history whispering in our ear.  It is very difficult but also very good to maintain some detachment now.

12th – Tuesday – We have to rely on old ingrained impulses to pull us out of unstable circumstances.  We have a certain restlessness that encourages us to bring about radical change.  We are contemplating things that are a long way off but we need to understand that the limitations of our current life don’t really work anymore.

13th – Wednesday – Sun Trine Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus – We achieve a degree of stability in our relationships as we seem to be in our most reliable state.  Our method of communicating now seems in harmony with the larger picture of the world.

14th – Thursday – The path through today is best tread by aiming at stability first. Listen to your inner voice as there is lots of new information combining with memories from the distant past.

15th – Friday – We try to concentrate on practical concerns but there are so many disturbances.  We do best now if we are able to speak to just a few people but to be very honest and sincere.  Social needs and basic tasks have a way of helping each other.

16th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Venus Parallel Jupiter – We can easily be confused if we are too tightly focused on completing projects; on the other hand, we have lots of luck if we remember the original intention we had in choosing these projects to begin with.

17th – Sunday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune – Our major difficulty can be taking fantasy as fact. We tend to be working at a high emotional pitch.  We are in our most idealistic mindset and it can be hard to not let our natural empathetic impulses overcome our common sense.




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