Kale is in fashion… for good reason

Kale is the new black

Lots of people are talking about kale these days. And why not? Kale is a literal superstar in the food world. It is low in calories but high in fiber so fills you up. It contains carotenoids and flavonoids, two powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from free radicals.  Additionally, the other components of kale have been shown to fight against the formation of cancer cells. Kale also has high doses of vitamin C, vitamin A, and manganese. It’s anti-inflammatory, it’s a detoxifier, it strengthens our bones. This food is more then just a superstar. It is a legend. If Anna Wintour were judging a food contest, kale would be the victor. Tyra Banks would crown kale, America’s next top food and Tim Gunn wouldn’t have to tell you to make it work, because kale already does.

With fashion and wearing the newest trends, it’s about undergarments, accessories and tailoring. Nothing looks as good as a well tailored piece of clothing worn with the correct undergarments  (those women reading this know what I’m talking about, and gentlemen, believe me when I tell you that a lot of work goes into looking that good.)  With kale, its also about undergarments, accessories and tailoring. Not literally of course, you aren’t going to dress up your kale. But in order to make it more palatable and digestible so that you can eat it in mass quantities, you need to put the work in to have your kale and eat it too.

Kale is needy. It needs you to love it, take care of it, caress it and make it feel special. Just as that fancy new peplum skirt you bought does for you.  You need to decide what you will wear it with and how you will accessorize it. With kale, the same rules apply.  How are you going to accessorize it? What is your prep time to make it truly feel its best?  Before we slip into our slinky dress we prep our bodies, our hair, our face. You need to do the same for kale. However you decide to dress it, be sure to invest a good 5-10 minutes caressing and massaging in the ingredients. For a basic kale salad (recipe below), you need to salt first, and rub it in. This is the foundation, or undergarment of a great meal with kale. By massaging and caressing and loving your kale with the salt and additional ingredients, the kale will slowly begin to wilt down and become far more palatable. By investing time into tailoring and undergarments, your kale will make your body look and feel divine. People will stop you on the street and ask, “Where did you get that kale?”  and Glamour Magazine will do a feature on you as a Fashion Do. After all, kale is the new black. It makes us look and feel great, as long as you tailor it and wear it with the right under garments. Oh, and some diamonds wouldn’t hurt either.

Mediterranean Kale Salad (recipe from Green Spirit Living)

Serves 6

2 bunches of kale, stems removed

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup pine nuts

1/4 cup golden raisins (soaked 10 mins, drained and rinsed)

1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

Stack two of the kale leaves with the stem facing you. Fold in half lengthwise and roll tightly like a cigar. Slice crosswise into thin strips. Repeat with remaining leaves. Chop the kale

Place the kale in the mixing bowl alongside place your olive oil, lemon juice and salt (THESE ARE YOUR UNDERGARMENTS!). Toss well with your hands, starting with salt, and spend some time with it.  Then add the olive oil and lemon juice,  working the dressing into the greens (Spend the time, love the kale, it will wilt down!) Add the pine nuts and raisins and toss gently. Season to taste with black pepper. In a sealed container in the refrigerator, Mediterranean Kale Salad will keep for three days. Bring to room temperature before serving.



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About the Author: Courtney Abrams is a Health Coach and Founder of Roslyn Wellness. Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she helps clients work within the realities of their day to day lives to find ways to make small and manageable changes to their health that can maintained over time. Her clients include people trying to lose weight, beat sugar, increase their energy, cook simple healthful food and reduce stress to name a few. She also shares a passion for food policy and educating people about the foods they are eating and the governmental role behind much of it. You can learn more about Courtney and Roslyn Wellness at http://RoslynWellness.com.

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